Manchester United Manager David Moyes Charged With Misconduct For Criticizing Match Officials

Manchester United manager David Moyes has been charged with misconduct after The FA investigated the comments he made about match officials after a 2-1 loss to Sunderland in the Capital One Cup on Tuesday.

Moyes criticized the match officials after a free kick was awarded that led to Sunderland’s first goal. Plus the Manchester United manager criticized the penalty decision involving Tom Cleverley’s foul on Adam Johnson.

Specifically, Moyes said:

“We’re having to play [the match officials] as well as the opposition at the moment. It’s really terrible, it really is. We’re actually beginning to laugh at them, that’s the thing.

“I thought the referee was going to blow in our direction for the first goal. I couldn’t believe he gave a free-kick. It was a terrible decision. We defended a terrible free-kick but how the referee has given a free-kick for that is way beyond me. I just cannot see how that is a free-kick. The centre-half and the centre-forward jumped together and he gave them a free-kick.

“The referee is looking at it – he’s in a great position to look at it, right down the line, probably 15 yards, not too close, but the linesman gives it from behind. He can’t see, he can’t see through Patrice Evra but that’s what we are finding at the moment.”

The FA has charged Moyes with bringing the game into disrepute, and has until 1pm ET on January 15 to respond.

Similarly, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers was charged by The FA recently and fined £8,000 for post-match comments criticizing match officials.

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