Gus Johnson Has 2 ‘Pets’ That Are Plants Named Whittaker And Hector [VIDEO]

FOX Sports lead soccer commentator Gus Johnson, who should be returning to the airwaves this year to announce soccer matches for FOX Sports 1, was asked an innocuous question last summer (we just uncovered the video), but the answer to the question was quite bizarre.

He was asked by FOX Sports about whether he had any pets. He explained that his “pets” are plants that he collects and has around his home. What’s bizarre is that he has named for his plants. And what’s even more bizarre is that he would admit this on videotape. Why on earth FOX decided to publish the video, I have no clue.

Here’s the video:

14 thoughts on “Gus Johnson Has 2 ‘Pets’ That Are Plants Named Whittaker And Hector [VIDEO]”

  1. He names his plants. So what? Gus bashing might be the in thing but I’m sure you can find something more worthwhile to gripe about.

    1. Gus bashing will remain “in” until this idiot is “out” of commentating on world class football matches.


  2. and whats even more bizarre is that a football website is writing a article about the names of a mans plants and basically criticising him over it !!!! LIGHTEN UP, WHO CARES. The names are clearly not meant to be taken seriously. Dont be so judgemental..Ive never seen this guy and he may be a idiot but a story on the names of his plants ?? cmon on, lots of people give their things/pets weird names for a laugh. my cats called Gary Linekar (coz he has big ears)..

  3. He looks like another Gus.

    Gus Fring anyone? This whole football thing is a cover up, that would explain why he is no good at it.

  4. I don’t care whether he names his plants or not, that’s personal and I don’t think we have the right to judge.

    But we can judge his horrible commentating.

  5. Did this really need to be posted? And what the hell does this have to do with soccer/football? May as well call this the “Bitch and whine about Gus thread” because that’s what all the comments are going to be about.

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