Are These Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Home And Away Shirts For World Cup 2014? Leaked [PHOTOS]

In their first appearance at a World Cup, Bosnia and Herzegovina will be wearing their blue and white colors this summer, but there’s a question mark regarding whether the nation will be wearing kits at World Cup 2014 designed by clothing manufacturer Legea or Givova.

If it is going to be Legea, then these photos of the new shirts leaked on the Internet, that are scheduled to launch in April, could very well be Bosnia and Herzegovina’s World Cup shirts for 2014.

Bosnia’s home shirt will be blue with white trim, featuring white cuffs, white collar and white stripes down the side of the shirt. Meanwhile, Bosnia’s away shirt is the reverse of the home one, with a white shirt and blue trim.

Other than a unique collar design, the shirt designs look practical, clean and simple.

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4 thoughts on “Are These Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Home And Away Shirts For World Cup 2014? Leaked [PHOTOS]”

  1. For a long time the Bosnian media reported that they were going with Adidas for the World Cup. But you would think if they made the change it would have happened by now.

  2. No way Bosnia should sign new contract with Legea. The fans of the Bosnia are strongly against Legea.

    I think Nike or Puma. Adidas lately is not quite good like for example Nike for France or Puma for Italy.

    1. That’s personal opinion. Spain, Russia,Japan and Germany are also Adidas and all their kits are quite nice. If Adidas can mimic something like Spain’s or Russia’s but in our colors I wouldn’t be displeased.

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