US Soccer Updates Its Crest In Time For World Cup 2014 [PHOTO]

The US Soccer Federation has updated the crest that will be worn by the USMNT and USWNT teams for 2014, which will also be featured on the team jerseys that will be worn by the US Men’s National Team at World Cup 2014.

Instead of completely changing the US Soccer crest, USSF has decided to evolve the crest design by removing the gold border and changing the blue to a lighter shade.

US Soccer has already updated the crest on its website and social media pages, to reflect the new change.

Meanwhile, Nike is likely to unveil the USMNT home and away shirts for World Cup 2014 next month.

H/T FootyHeadlines.

8 thoughts on “US Soccer Updates Its Crest In Time For World Cup 2014 [PHOTO]”

  1. Honestly we could have signed Michael Bradley and I think he would do a decent job for Manchester United. He would’ve been cost effective and not only that we’d make a boatload of cash regardless of how good or bad he plays I.e. Kagawa. An American playing for Manchester United for the first time would have been a great deal for us and a good money maker. Kit sales would shoot out the roof in the USA for us. He certainly can’t do any worse than the bean pole Fellaini or I eat to much food and am unfit Anderson? He sells more shirts than both of them. Would’ve liked us to take a punt on the guy he deserves it. I don’t think it was any American xenophobia why not a lot of teams didn’t go for him but do to him being low key and not on a lot of team’s radars. He’s a good low-key lad and has a lot of fight in that Krillin esque head which is something a lot of those lifeless tools in the first team lack.

  2. Disappointing. If they had polled the fans the centennial badge would have been the overwhelming choice. Instead they go with a minor refresh to an already amateurish effort. Like we don’t know it’s the USMNT and the sport is football.

    1. I agree. Extremely disappointing. I guess those jerseys that were leaked months ago really aren’t the USA’s World Cup kit. They had the centennial badge.

  3. I hope they didn’t pay much for that redesign.

    I just think the ball with speed lines behind it is really lame. Keep the centennial crest!

  4. As a professional designer by trade I can assure you that the centennial crest is timeless, in balance, and aesthetically pleasing. This new crest is actually worse than the old one.
    I hate to pull rank and I know that everyone has their own “taste” but in this case my tast is the right choice.
    Keep the centennial, just trust me… like you would your mechanic or a surgeon.

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