USMNT Midfielder Michael Bradley On Verge of Signing With Toronto FC

US Men’s National Team midfielder Michael Bradley is on the verge of joining Toronto FC, according to reports today in the US media.

Bradley, who has been tipped with moves to Tottenham, Fulham and Sunderland, could be surplus to requirements at AS Roma after the Serie A club signed midfielder Radja Nainggolan yesterday. Bradley has made 11 league appearances this season, but he will have a fight on his hands to keep a starting spot on the Roma team if he stays at the club.

After a report in the British media earlier today indicated that Tottenham Hotspur could be interested in the American creative midfielder, ESPN FC analyst Taylor Twellman reported that Bradley could be heading to MLS club Toronto FC.

And to substantiate what Twellman reported, his ESPN FC colleague Alexi Lalas also confirmed the news after speaking with a source.

Toronto FC, meanwhile, are reporting that they’ll announce a transfer signing on January 13 that, according to reports in the Canadian press, will be Jermain Defoe.

Since the video is titled “Part 1” below, could Defoe be part 1 and Bradley be part 2? We shall see.

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20 thoughts on “USMNT Midfielder Michael Bradley On Verge of Signing With Toronto FC”

  1. I don’t know if I understand this move. Bradley has plenty of room to grow in Europe and selfishly I would hate for another top American player to leave Europe. However, this would be a major signing for MLS. Defoe and Bradley would be a hit in Toronto.

  2. It’s funny how I feel better about American national team players returning to MLS when they are returning to an American team.

    If it were Sporting or Chicago or Red Bulls or any of the American clubs, I’d be happy, but I’m honestly a little upset that he’s going to a Canadian team. I know that’s childish and immature, but….it is what it is…

  3. Is it April Fool’s Day?

    Who in their right mind would go to play for the worst professional team in the history of football?

  4. I think this would be a bad move for Bradley career wise. Money wise, a move to the MLS makes sense. He should stay in Europe and transfer to a club such as Fulham since they are interested in him. He definitely would get way more minutes playing with Fulham compared to staying at Roma.

    1. Of course it would be a bad career move, but it’s typical of the supposed American stars.. Can’t hack in Europe so go play in the worthless MLS.. Another reason the US will never win a World Cup.. The players just arent good enough and probably never will be…

      1. Bradley has done well in Italy. You probably have never seen him play before. You have zero credibility by saying the MLS is worthless. The MLS is continuing to improve each year. Without the MLS, do you think the U.S. National Team would have the success they’ve had over the last decade or so? I know they haven’t won a World Cup, but then again, not many countries have. Your name fits well by the way.

        1. “MLS is continuing to improve each year.” Sorry, I disagree. Since 2005 MLS has digressed each year. Players, tactics and overall game as become more chaotic and clumsy each season, tackles have gone beyond just good hard play to nasty and amateurish and tactics have reverted to the old style English game “punt and run” for the majority of teams. No one expects the players or tactics to be at the level or the EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Seria A but the should be at the level of the J League which is only 2-3 years older but the play is far better.

  5. Just have to be happy as a MLS fan to see him come back to the MLS. The league seems to be making a effort to return the best American players home to the MLS as well as improve its selection from Euro based players.

    Hey MLS skeptics it’s progress! Why complain except that you really do not want to see the MLS challenge the Euro leagues.

    1. BC the Eurosnobs are the same people that complain that the quality of MLS is bad but then sign good players and its still bad. I feel bad for the sad lives of these individuals.

  6. Aww poor thing…. Bradley is the one American I actually had optimism for aside from Altidore (and how is that working out?).

    I guess now that Roma is in Champions League contention they needed to revamp a little bit and Bradley was deemed unnecessary, I didn’t think that was the case. Bradley is not going to do himself any favors by going into the MLS, he should play a few games with Dempsey over at Fulham and at least familiarize himself with the type of players he would play against in the World Cup in the Premier League. Don’t think I have a case? look at Fulham’s Schedule from now to March.

    So much for Mr. Klinsmann wanting the US Team to get more playing time in Europe. I applaud him just for trying to point the US players toward the right direction. But as they say “Sh-t always happens”.

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