Manchester United Manager David Moyes Must Be Given More Time

If you simply read posts on social media, you’d believe a majority of Manchester United fans want David Moyes sacked. But when you interact with thoughtful long-term supporters of the club, you realize the sentiments on the Internet do not represent the ethos of the club or its long-term supporters.

David Moyes will be given more time. And after all, he deserves it. Sir Alex Ferguson did not win a trophy until year four when the Red Devils needed an FA Cup Final replay to defeat plucky upstart Crystal Palace.

Some critics point to where United was in 1986 as opposed to where they were in 2013. This is a fair argument as Moyes did inherit a title winning side. But Robin van Persie, for years unreliable when with Arsenal, has been sidelined regularly again. While Nemanja Vidić has generally been more fit this season than in the past two years, he has still missed some critical matches where Moyes side has dropped points. Unlike last season, Chelsea and Manchester City have settled management situations while Liverpool has improved. Thus, Moyes faces a considerably more difficult Premier League than Ferguson did last season.

David Moyes has proven to be a successful manager of the highest caliber while at Everton. Regularly he was able to take his side, limited by budget and depth, into the top half of the Premier League. While some fans complained about the style of soccer the Toffees played, most appreciated the resourcefulness of the manager and his tactical savvy.

It is certainly true that Moyes has never had to make the types of dealings in the transfer market that Manchester United now requires. Often times working on a tight budget at Everton, he looked for and located several transfer bargains. For example, Kevin Mirallas was bought in the summer of 2012 by Everton for just £6,000,000. Little doubt exists that a player of Mirallas’s quality would help the Red Devils on the wing today.

So perhaps Moyes’s solution is to look for the types of bargains that characterized his time at Everton. Irrespective of speculation to the contrary, Manchester United remains an attractive destination for footballers on the continent looking to make a name for themselves. Should Manchester United Vice-Chairman Ed Woodward be directed to buy the way Moyes previously did at Everton, United could find some good deals particularly this summer.

Moyes has no doubt had an unsatisfactory start as manager. But Manchester United is a club with a true ethos even if the newer fans they have attracted worldwide through recent years want the managers’ scalp. He deserves time and deference. Perhaps a Capital One Cup trophy can ease the angst of supporters at least temporarily while the side is overhauled and settled.

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11 thoughts on “Manchester United Manager David Moyes Must Be Given More Time”

  1. People keep comparing David Moyes start to Sir Alex’s. Both are way too different.

    Sir Alex inherited a team in need of revamp, where Moyes inherited a team of Champions.

    Moyes should deliver, needs time yes, but not as much as what was given to Sir Alex.

    1. Man I disagree with this. The United team of the last 3 years has been mediocre and raised by the manager and some individual performances. Remove a fit Van Persie and the aura created by the manager and you have a mid table team, not a championship winning team. They probably had the 4th best squad on paper last year. Perhaps the 6th best this year.

      Moyes needs time to fill the holes and fix the problems. However the landscape is very different than 1989 or 1999 and it’s going to be tough. I’ve read about players who won’t play in Manchester (though they make an exception for City since they pay so much more) where United used to be the #1 or #2 draw for players they are now 5th or 6th.

      1. Mediocre team who won the title by 11 points, a team who lost the league only by goal difference a year prior, a team who won the league the year before that by 9 points, a team who lost the league by a single point the year before?

        If that’s mediocre then what’s successful?

        1. That is a true point but you have to think about the effect of SAF on players. He consistently got the most out of players. And arguably always had a solid midfield to help support both defense and offense. The team right now does not. Especially the likes of cleverly and anderson who have had time and are just not working out. A team cannot rely on just 1 solid central midfielder. Last season RVP “carried” United to a title and rooney this year has attempted to but it shows that he isnt that potent striker he use to be he is a changed player probably for the better for his team. Id give moyes less time than SAF did in his start but moyes needs to either buy or promote players and fast.

          1. I laughed at the whole aura of the manager thing. Fergie’s aura was worth a top 2 spot. Moyes has us in 7th. I will write United off because they can’t beat a god side. We play 5 of the top 8 away and I don’t see us getting anything from the Emirates and Bridge at all. Moyes is supposed to qenerate that aura to inspire the players. He shouldn’t have sacked the whole staff for his useless Muppets. Who is Jimmy Lumsden compared to Eric Steele? Steve Round isn’t even good enough to polish Rene’s shoes. His decisions are baffling and dorhad a whole window to buy players so thereis mercy from me.

  2. Every fan pf every other team in the top half hopes to the heavens that David Moyes is given more time. He is a dream come true!

  3. I’ve come to see David Moyes as nothing but a buffer between SAF and the next real manager.

    I just think it’s hard to replace a legendary manager because none of the other hot managers want the job. Someone like Guardiola doesn’t want to be the guy who succeeds SAF. But he might be willing to follow the guy who replaced SAF and failed.

    Moyes is sort of the Tom Cleverly of managers. Not terrible, but not really wonderful either.

  4. Clueless Moyes Just look at him on the sidelines. He looks like a rat thrown into the Pacific Ocean. He’s out of his depths and he knows it.

  5. The difference between Moyes and SAF is that SAF was able to get a goal when trailing or drawing while Moyes hasn’t been able to so far. Besides the City match United have not been beaten convincingly in any of the other matches.

    Despite the poor start United are only 5 points behind 4th spot. It’s way too early to write off United with 18 matches to play. Unless United start losing consistently and end up bottom half Moyes will be allowed at least another season. They didn’t give him a 6 year contract if they didn’t think that he was the right man for the long haul.

  6. Look at Everton. Under Moyes they were a mediocre team that in terms of league position had some level of success by “spoiling” a game and nullifying the opposition. They were not exciting or dynamic. Under Martinez with essentially the same team Everton have become a team with some excitement and flair.

    Under Moyes Man Utd have totally lost whatever flair they had and are playing the same stifling football that he preached at Everton. He even dragged Fellani over with him to try and ensure they did it.

    If he doesn’t win the League Cup and with no top four finish (most definitely) then I give him to the end of the the season

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