WATCH A Moving Tribute to Eusebio; Thousands of Benfica Fans Say Goodbye [VIDEO]

Thousands of Benfica fans filled Benfica’s Estádio da Luz today in a touching, moving tribute to one of the greatest footballers who ever played the game — Eusebio.

Eusebio’s final wish was granted, to “say” his final goodbye in the centre of pitch at Benfica’s stadium.

Watch the moving video below to gain an appreciation for how much Benfica supporters loved their great.

Videos of Eusébio’s last time in Estádio da Luz, in front of thousands of Benfica fans, as they chant ‘You are our king, Eusébio’

Video of the Funeral Car going around the Stadium as Eusébio wanted it

One minute silence at the Real Madrid game in tribute to Eusebio

To watch Eusebio in his prime as a footballer, watch the documentary about his life.

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