WATCH Manchester United Knocked Out of the FA Cup By Swansea City [GIF]

Manchester United were knocked out of the FA Cup Third Round after losing 2-1 against Swansea City today in a demoralizing performance by the Red Devils. The defeat for United, their second in a row, will certainly pile the pressure on United manager David Moyes.

While much of the focus will be on Manchester United’s woes, credit must go to Swansea City for withstanding the pressure from United as well as scoring two clinical goals courtesy of Wayne Routledge and Wilfried Bony. It was Swansea City’s first-ever win at Old Trafford in their 101-year history.

In terms of a turning point that changed the game, it had to be the red card that was correctly awarded to Rafael da Silva for a lunge on Jose Canas. Da Silva had only been on the pitch for four minutes before he received the straight red card.

Here are the clips of all three goals in the game:

Wayne Routledge opens the scoring:

Javier Hernandez grabs an equalizer from a beautiful Alex Buttner cross:

Wilfried Bony wins it for Swansea with just minutes left in the game:

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16 thoughts on “WATCH Manchester United Knocked Out of the FA Cup By Swansea City [GIF]”

  1. May I be the first to say hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. Question for people:

    Is the Premier League more interesting (perhaps even exciting) now that Manchester United aren’t showing the same dominance of previous seasons? Is it more thrilling to watch teams go to Old Trafford and know that a result is a real possibility for them now, whereas previously, that late United goal during “Fergie Time” was almost inevitable?

    Or is it still the same feeling but just with a change at the top in City and perhaps Chelsea?

    1. My personal opinion is that it doesn’t necessarily mean the Premier League is more exciting, but it does mean that United games are more exciting to watch, as a neutral, because they’re no longer invincible. United games are no longer a guaranteed three points for the team in red.

  3. I just find it pathetic from a lot of these commentators and writers the stuff you guys say. We don’t have some billionaire backing us like some clubs, we are a normal club that made itself from the ground up with hardwprk and not through financial doping like certain sides. We can’t spend a hundred million every summer like certain teams and that was the beauty of SAF. Now he’s gone and I don’t see how we can keep up with them. We are being sucked dry by the Glazers and have been competing at a high level. We are just the media’s favorite scapegoat so it’s whatever.

    1. So if you were the subject of a takeover bid from some multi-billionaire Sheikh tomorrow, you’d be outraged at how your club would be subject to financial doping, as you put it, and I take it you’d much prefer to go the grassroots way and build up a healthy academy and do it the ‘proper way’?

      Football is an awfully fickle sport but I’ll tell you now that if my club had interest from the Middle East or wherever, I’d want them to sell… there’s no chance of beating them in the modern climate so why on earth wouldn’t you want to join them? I’d rather be sat at the top table instead of eating their scraps.

  4. Chris
    Congrats on the big win for your Swans.

    And for UTD fans i think this is what they call KARMA.To the bright side you will rid yourself of a lot of glory hunters.

    1. Thanks jtm! It’s about time Swansea got a win against one of the big teams this season. It’s a great day in the Harris household today.

      1. Exactly! We won at stanford bridge, at the emirates and at anfield last season, so was nice to get a win at a big club again.

  5. Congrats on the win Gaffer! If there can be a silver lining, that is one.

    Honestly, I don’t mind all the other fans venting their spleens at United fans. I’d call them childish, but I’ve certainly had more than my share of fun taunting Liverpool fans over the years.

    Where I think those naysayers are midguided is this notion that United fans will be switching sides after one season of the club not being excellent. There’s just nothing to support that idea. Liverpool remains incredibly popular despite not being a perennial power for ~20 years. Arsenal is still incredibly popular despite their lack of trophies recently. This idea that United fans are somehow less devoted than fans of other clubs just isn’t true.

    Now….where United does have a threat is that soccer and the EPL are poised for dramatic growth in fandom in the United States. IF the EPL explodes over here, there will be a lot of fans “picking a team” and United doesn’t want to be the 8th best club in England while new fans are picking sides. If they remain mediocre for a few years, we might look back and say, “Remember when Manchester United was the most popular club in America?” because America will have fallen in love with Chelsea or City.

    1. All fair points. Particularly as to the number of Liverpool and Arsenal fans I saw in Hong Kong last summer. Totally blows up the stereotype of the capricious foreign “plastic” fan, really.

  6. Well not like any of them would listen to me, but to rag fans I’d say the lesson of this year is this:

    Learn to support your club when things aren’t 100% going your way at all times.

    I have a neighbor who had a Manchester U—-d “Texans” sticker on his car. Emphasis on the past tense, as the sticker disappeared at some point the past over few months.

    Him I make fun of. But the theoretical guy who keeps it and even adds another this year? Him I will like and respect.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if i heard another couple of united funs around the world commited them selves suicide really. This is terrible situation for them!. 5 teams won oldtrafford this season that have never won in this ground.i.e newcastle.westbrom.everton.tottenham.swansea. Old trafford is the “nightmare theatre” this season..

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