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Dimitar Berbatov Posts “Come And Get Me” Plea to Arsenal On His Facebook Page

berbatov arsenal Dimitar Berbatov Posts Come And Get Me Plea to Arsenal On His Facebook Page

Fulham striker Dimitar Berbatov posted a “come and get me” plea to Arsenal on his Facebook page today, after a British tabloid reported last night that Arsenal are interested in signing Berbatov, the highly talented Bulgarian footballer.

The photograph, which is on Dimitar Berbatov’s official Facebook page, was posted to his timeline with the words “Could fire Arsenal to the title” next to an image of Berbatov wearing a Fulham away shirt.

Berbatov’s contract is set to expire in six months, so Arsenal have an opportunity to sign the Bulgarian striker for a fee of around £3million. The 32-year-old Fulham striker has had a difficult time at Craven Cottage this season, and a move to the Emirates Stadium would be seen as possibly his last chance to win some silverware.

Could Berbatov be the player that Arsenal need to fire them to the Premier League title?

Editor’s note: For the latest Gunners news, analysis and opinion, visit the Arsenal team page.

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6 Responses to Dimitar Berbatov Posts “Come And Get Me” Plea to Arsenal On His Facebook Page

  1. Justin says:

    This would be a fantastic short term signing for The Arsenal. They are sailing through the premier league and a quality experienced striker would create further comfort and an even greater confidence within the team. Look what RVP did for United, without him they would not have made top four.

    A quality striker makes a huge different to an already almost perfect squad. With Giroud, poldi, wallcott and Berbatov among the ranks, Sanogo has a lot to aspire to. If we can get the [player for 2-3mil, it’s a no brainer. He has to work a lot harder than he is at Fulham though, laziness won’t be tolerated at this stage in the EPL.

  2. Muniru Vandy says:

    Wit berbatov,a slow but sure attacker,there will be no wasteful passes from gibbs and sagna.Com on wenger don’t miss this chance

  3. Pakapala says:

    Wow this passes as news? A picture that appears on Berbatov’s timeline picture? That may not even have been put there by the player? Come on.

  4. harbihorla says:

    plz wenger don’t mix this striker because it wil be useful for arsenal expecially in both champions league nd EPL plz! Plz!! Plz!!! Go give fulham 3million berbatov is a world class striker don’t mis him ooooooooo

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