A Glorious FA Cup Third Round Tradition Is Here: The FA Cup Map From Billsportsmaps

Since 2006, sports fan and map connoisseur Bill Turianski has been creating custom soccer maps and posting them to his website to share with fellow sports fans who are enamored with the history, tradition and — most importantly — the location of soccer clubs.

Every year, Bill’s website Billsportsmaps.com posts maps galore for many major sports, but the one map that’s always a highlight of each new calendar year is the FA Cup third round map that Bill creates, which is incredibly useful.

For example, could you pick out the location of the following different teams on a map, as well as knowing what division they play in and what their club crest looks like? With Bill’s maps, the curious soccer fan can easily tell the difference between clubs such as Grimsby Town, Macclesfield, Huddersfield Town as well as the non-league clubs, other Football League clubs and, of course, the Premier League sides.

Head on over to Billsportsmaps’ FA Cup Third Round to gain an even better appreciation for the oldest club soccer tournament in the world. When you arrive at his side, click on the map for a larger view.

Editor’s note: Here’s the TV schedule for the FA Cup this weekend (on US TV/Internet) as well as the draw for the third round of the FA Cup.

12 thoughts on “A Glorious FA Cup Third Round Tradition Is Here: The FA Cup Map From Billsportsmaps”

    1. Not for me. I grew up with all the magic of the cup. Where else can a lower league (or non league) side go up and possibly embarrass the big boys? Go to a town who’s hosting such a game and feel the effect on the local community. And it wasn’t only in England. The FA cup final used to be anticipated by half of Europe.

      Perhaps it would regain it’s importance if the FA had the courage of their convictions to swap entry into the Champions League by a fourth place finish with winning the FA cup.

    2. No particular reason. I would guess it’s a combination of moving to the US (with limited coverage for the first 10 years) and the rise of the Champions League and Premier League. I guess the fact that the major team managers care so little for it doesn’t help.

      There was a time, as we know, when it was as big as any league event and you could argue that winning the FA Cup was bigger than winning the the league (only televised match etc). It’s just not that any more.

  1. The FA Cup is still very important to the non-EPL clubs. The romanticism of the cup is kept alive by the lower division clubs.

    For the EPL clubs it’s become a competition that interferes with their EPL aims. Clubs at the top would rather get knocked out of the competition than miss out on the top 4. Relegation-zone clubs want to concentrate on EPL survival so they don’t mind losing in the FA Cup. Last season Wigan won the cup but got relegated. I’m sure Wigan would have preferred to avoid relegation to winning the cup.

    It also didn’t help the year when Manchester United decided not to participate. The FA should never had allowed that to happen. It sent the message that the FA Cup was more of a distraction than a competition to take seriously.

    1. Never forget the value of the FA Cup. You can talk about league and EPL all you want but what separated English football from all the other European leagues was the pomp and circumstance around the third week in May. It wouldn’t be hard to argue that it’s the Cup above any of the other stuff, that gave England a leg up and the most marketable domestic league in the world.

      But, once again…

      You got it a$$-backwards: the FA did not allow United to participate. They felt it more important to send United to Brazil for FIFA’s new world club championship in order to curry favour and win the WC 2006 bid – which, by the way, they had no chance of winning. They had already set a deal in place with Germany to get Euro 96, offering to forgo a WC 06 bid.

      At the time, it was a trip to Brazil, in the sweltering heat for a useless tournament that was considered a distraction, not the FA Cup.

      United offered to play the best of the squad not sent to Brazil, but, ironically, the FA felt that would dilute the value of the cup.

      So, the FA screwed itself nationally in it’s attempts that screwed itself internationally.

    2. I’d say the FA Cup is still valued by the EPL. It is the Domestic Sponsorship Cup that has most teams indifferent, hence Bradford v Swansea in the final last year.

      I’d love to see an FA Cup style tourney in American College basketball. Or even American Baseball. Get rid of 20 games in a season and make those games actually mean something!

      1. I actually made a in season tournament for the MLB after watching the last World Baseball Classic last spring. It didn’t include the independent leagues only the MLB and it still took all season and the winner of each league Cup would get one of the wildcard spots in the playoffs for their league because I made it NL teams vs NL teams and AL teams vs AL teams.

  2. Sad that FSC went under. They used to have cool FA Cup shows the night before the 3rd round and none of the Fox channels seem to have anything going tonight.

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