A Glorious FA Cup Third Round Tradition Is Here: The FA Cup Map From Billsportsmaps

Since 2006, sports fan and map connoisseur Bill Turianski has been creating custom soccer maps and posting them to his website to share with fellow sports fans who are enamored with the history, tradition and — most importantly — the location of soccer clubs.

Every year, Bill’s website Billsportsmaps.com posts maps galore for many major sports, but the one map that’s always a highlight of each new calendar year is the FA Cup third round map that Bill creates, which is incredibly useful.

For example, could you pick out the location of the following different teams on a map, as well as knowing what division they play in and what their club crest looks like? With Bill’s maps, the curious soccer fan can easily tell the difference between clubs such as Grimsby Town, Macclesfield, Huddersfield Town as well as the non-league clubs, other Football League clubs and, of course, the Premier League sides.

Head on over to Billsportsmaps’ FA Cup Third Round to gain an even better appreciation for the oldest club soccer tournament in the world. When you arrive at his side, click on the map for a larger view.

Editor’s note: Here’s the TV schedule for the FA Cup this weekend (on US TV/Internet) as well as the draw for the third round of the FA Cup.


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