New Year’s Day, Premier League Gameweek 20: Open Thread

There’s a full schedule of Premier League matches on deck today with the early kick-off in Wales, and the late kick off in Greater Manchester.

Here’s the TV schedule for today’s matches on US TV:

Swansea City vs Manchester City, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network
Southampton vs Chelsea, 10am, NBCSN
Arsenal vs Cardiff, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Crystal Palace vs Norwich, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Fulham vs West Ham, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Liverpool vs Hull, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Stoke vs Everton, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Sunderland vs Aston Villa, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
West Brom vs Newcastle, 10am, Premier League Extra Time
Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur, 12:30pm, NBCSN

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation in the comments section below with fellow soccer fans from around the world.

Have a wonderful New Year’s Day!

57 thoughts on “New Year’s Day, Premier League Gameweek 20: Open Thread”

  1. Can anyone remember the night of the Stoke V Man Utd League Cup match?

    It’s belting down with rain and blowing a force 10 gale. I’m about to walk down to the ground and get soaked through, before watching Lukaku and Everton eat us alive.

    Brek Shea’s off to Barnsley apparently, if he makes it Brazil from their he’ll have either done well or your wingers are shite.

    Just need to get today and Liverpool out of the way then we can crack on with trying to survive another season. It’s all glamour I tell you this Premier League.

    Guy, Stoke are selling off a load of old kit, let me know if there’s anything you’d like. Word on the street is Adidas and their templates have been dumped for Warrior. One extreme to the other, staid Germans interested in function to Americans given felt tip pens and a man size tub of LSD.

    1. As far as what you are saying about Brek Shea, he has a small chance of making Brazil and its for the second reason. 😉

    2. Now we know why Pulis left Stoke. Not even Pulis would wear that Warrior rubbish!

      Looking forward to the new designs though. Diagonal stripes on the shirt, red and white striped shorts.

      1. You’re not far wrong there Smokey. I’m guessing we’ll look like red and white zebras.

        When are you getting the Steve Lomas tattoo removed from your left buttock?

    1. I wish! Actually, I was about 30 minutes later posting the open thread (after the game kicked off), after having a glass too many last night!

  2. According to Arsenal’s official website Giroud will be replaced in the starting lineup w/ Podolski & Gibbs will be replaced by Nacho due to injuries. Arteta rotates back in the lineup for Rosicky.

  3. this swansea team is a completely different the one we saw last year and the year before. How things did got wrong in the south wales team?since they won capital one cup back in february they struggled!

  4. Mornin’ all.

    How many of these games should really be on? None of the players look happy on basically waterlogged pitches. Defensive mistakes will decide a few games today.

  5. Is Kevin Nolan singlehandedly trying to relegate West Ham United this season? So much for being a role model as a captain.

  6. Brave decision by referee Martin Atkinson to award a yellow card to Oscar after his dive in the penalty area. Many refs would have awarded a penalty kick.

    1. Refs get a lot of stick but that was superb refereeing. Only a shame he did not produce a red card for cheating. That would stop all this diving around in the penalty area.

  7. Apparently Oscar would rather cheat than score. What an unbelievable dive. He had the ball and could have scored. Ridiculous.

    Bite me, Mourinho.

  8. The table is starting to take shape with the top 3 going clear. It will be a two horse race soon with Arsenal, Liverpool and United scrapping for third and fourth.

  9. A humble question from a relatively novice (but enthusiastic) football fan:

    Why was the third Chelsea goal (by Oscar) not offside? I’m almost entirely self-taught and watch games at home so I’ve no one to ask but the internet.

    Can anyone explain?

    1. Oscar was not past the last defender when Willian (i believe?) kicked the ball.

      Once the ball is passed you can run past the last defender onto the ball even if the ball is not past the last defender when you pass him.

      1. Ah ok! I have it here on the DVR and your explanation makes perfect sense. Oscar’s pace was fantastic, then.

        Thanks so much! I was trying to make the case for ‘soccer’ to my family as I visited over the holidays and once I had to try to explain the game I realized some of the things I take for granted about tactics and rules are not that easy to convey to others.

  10. Ahem..self-taught as in I’ve mostly figured out the game on my own, read a few books, keeping up with match reports, etc.

      1. haha, possibly not, but I do like reading the commentary from folks here. :)

        I bought myself ‘Inverting the Pyramid’ for Christmas to get ready for the World Cup…

    1. Velocity; given that description you shouldn’t be far off refereeing a Premier League match. At least you’d have an excuse for making sh!t decisions.

        1. Ugh..if only I could edit..

          What I meant was-I’m not sure I’d want to be a ref out there! I honestly don’t know how they do it-and yeah, some of them seem to not know what the heck to look for :)

  11. Luis Suarez is quickly becoming like Carmelo Anthony in the fact that both scorers have to actually be shot in the area to get a call. Just saw a foul against Everton,resulting in a penalty, that if Suarez got any of those calls LFC would’ve at least had a draw against City & Chelsea. Possibly better. Im beginning to see, like sport here in the states, favorites get the calls while underdogs fight not only the opposition but the officials as well.

    1. While I think bias is one of those things that is frustrating to see in officials, it’s not as though it comes out of nowhere.

      I don’t watch basketball and can’t comment on Anthony, but I do think it’s fair to say that Suarez has cried wolf one too many times at this point.No one forced him to act the way he does on the pitch, and now he has to deal with the fact that ALL human beings use bias to make decisions. That is a neurological fact-we couldn’t function if we had to construct ways of responding to events with a blank slate every time.

      Of course officials must do their best, and I believe that the vast majority of them do, but it’s not as though they’ve chosen Suarez at random. I’m not going to argue with the man’s goal scoring prowess, and I won’t take too much issue with anyone naming him among the best strikers playing in Europe, but he has done a lot of objectionable, unsporting things on the pitch. He is hardly an ‘underdog’. Has he missed some calls lately? Absolutely. Is he reaping what he’s sown with the diving and idiotic behavior over the last few years in the EPL? Yep.

          1. Except this. all Footballers who make their living in the 18 yd box and closer have been accused of diving. Suarez is not the only one. Suarez is one of the great players in the world with the ball on his foot in traffic. I might say only Messi is better from what ive seen and I watch 20-25 matches a week from all over the world. Someone that shifty in the box will always be fouled. Ask this, if Suarez was on Real Madrid does he get those calls? doesnt Madrid have notorious divers Ronaldo & Bale? is there as much bias against those players? players that go down with no contact is bad enough but the foul on Suarez against Mirallas when Mirallas went studs up and drew blood on Suarez, that was so reckless Suarez was ineffective the rest of the match, and no red given. Every sport has players who embellish. NHL, NBA, NFL. Every major contact sport.By embellishing im not talking about diving. Embellishing is mostly seen when a player is fouled over and over and he uses theatrics to get the attention of officials when otherwise they may turn a blind eye. Its hard work to get yourself in a position to make a play only to have lazy defenses foul to continuously relieve pressure. Also when I speak of underdogs I speak of Teams and not individuals.

      1. But you act as though Suarez alone is the one who, in the past, was acting up contact and throwing himself about when that’s obviously not the case. All the more reason, then, that officials cannot sway under the spotlight of bias. Since his return you would be very hard pressed to find any instance of Suarez diving or mucking about. He’s endured the kinds of take-out plays that most other players would have been stretchered off under, and he’s done so with a minimum of fuss and remonstration. He’s no saint and his past behavior has been shocking at times, but the past is no excuse for officials to ignore nearly a half-season of superlative behavior while awarding the likes of Oscar and Rooney (a player who literally kicks other players for fun) spot kicks when going down under a feather’s touch. Clear Suarez has worked very hard during his ban to set himself right, to clean up his act and remove the more unsavory aspects of his game, and the officials have had 15 matches to view that turnabout. We’ve gone from “he’s brought it on himself” to naked bias, and that, in any profession, is profoundly unacceptable.

        1. I agree. I think Suarez has made (for the most part) a pretty remarkable turnaround.

          Look at Anelka. Here’s a guy who cannot ever be bothered to take the high road. He’s mucked up what could’ve been a fantastic professional career at the club and international level because he never matures, never seems to learn anything from past mistakes, and most importantly, doesn’t seem to care to be a better person in order to be a better footballer.

          Suarez could’ve just gone a similar route, and perhaps he will (we have years of idiocy from Anelka), but for now he does seem to have either gotten himself sorted out or been smart enough to be influenced by someone who is sorting him out.

          My point was mostly that this is a critical moment for Suarez-referees are human and subject to that fact. This is sport, and we are excited (for good or ill) by human action. I’m hoping that Suarez won’t be tempted to revert to his old self by the silly decisions of the referees, and that he doesn’t play the victim. I’m not a huge Liverpool supporter, but I do have a measure of respect for their history (and I like Brendan Rodgers), and as such I do hope that they do well.

          I also think Rooney gets away with murder and I’ve never liked him. There’s my bias :)

  12. Disappointed with the result butas Everton hit the woodwork at least twice it’s probably a fair result. Out of the Spurs, Newcastle, Everton and Liverpool matches 4 points would have been a decent return.

    We got bent over by Martin Atkinson at Newcastle, didn’t turn up at Spurs, gave it a good go today, and likely get whipped by squirrel face.

    Unfortunately Assaidi will be out against Liverpool, he’s on form and picking up confidence.

    I’ll be surprised if we see Sorenson in goal again, he’s just too rusty and needs regular game time at his age. Butland was a surprise substitute at half time and looked steady in his first Premier League start for us. Not sure when Begovic will be back so we may as well go with his likely replacement than his predecessor.

    Everton impressed more than they ever did under Moyes, Lukaku disappointed though. Martinez always seemed to have us figured out under Pulis but he seemed a little frustrated today, possibly with his players more than our team.

    Special mention to Andre Marriner, inconsistent refereeing is the reason you get ‘we’ve got another sh!t ref’ chanted at you. Happy to let challenges go from Everton but pulled us up for everything. He did get that penalty right.

    If Matt Jones was there today he’s likely soaked through if he was anywhere but the rear third of the away end. Pretty quite today given the impressive following, not sure if you’ll have enjoyed the trip home.

  13. This Arlo White just smothers the telecast. He sounds like an NFL analyst,,consistently talking.just for the sake of it. Unlike Gus, at least he knows the game..

    1. Tell me about it. He spews the most inane, annoying random “fact of the day” every two minutes. He’ll say something like “West Bromwich Albion have only ever scored after 80 mins at home against Newcastle once in all their encounters since 1978”.

      Like who gives a f*ck?

  14. Good to see united and Spurs honoring their traditions with open attacking football. None of the boring chess match nonsense that some on here claim to enjoy.

  15. LoL …LMFAO!!

    Come on you Spurs!!! Moyes beaten by a guy that hasn’t even got his pro license or any 1st team management experience…lol

    Surely Webb will be sold after that poor Utd Performance.

  16. It’s all about fourth place for United now. Might make it hard to bring someone in if their champions league spot is in doubt. Might as well splash the cash on Barkley. I knew he would be leaving Everton when he kissed the badge after that goal against Swansea. It’s a sure sign he wants out.

  17. Lol at that article saying we shouldn’t buy in January. So what if we pay an extra 5-10 million it’s better than missing out on the Ucl money and not to mention we have a plus 30 million in the budget due to the new tv money. Noone is saying to buy a while new team but we need 2-3 players if we don’t want to play on Thursday Nights.

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