Manchester United 1-2 Spurs: Devastating Loss to Tottenham Calls Into Question United’s Progress

For the second consecutive season, Tottenham Hotspur held off a furious Manchester United rally to claim three points at Old Trafford. But unlike last season when the Red Devils under Sir Alex Ferguson would cruise to the league title, this season the club is wobbling badly particularly at home.

Manchester United entered today’s match on a six match winning streak in all competitions against an underachieving Spurs side. It appeared likely to those of us who have watched this league for many years that United would inevitably work its way back into the top four places and perhaps, even with some good fortune, back into the title race. We’ve seen this movie before, and on the business end of a Premier League season, the Red Devils always come good.

It’s easy to complain about David Moyes’ tactics and squad selection. But what is obvious to many observers who have sat in awe of Manchester United for years, even when their squad was less than “vintage,” is the mentality has changed around the club. Inevitable equalizers and match winners no longer come easily, and the silly mistakes keep compounding problems for the club.

Looking ahead, the Red Devils have very little margin for error if they want to finish in the top 4. While sitting just five points behind Liverpool and three behind an erratic Spurs side whose most difficult moments this season have almost all come at home, the second half of the season sees difficult fixtures.

In a few weeks, United travels to Stamford Bridge to play a Chelsea side that now looks motivated and exceedingly confident under Jose Mourinho. The Red Devils still have trips to Arsenal, Everton, Newcastle and Southampton to navigate as well as critical home ties with Liverpool and Manchester City, which now loom as games the team must at worst draw in.

Manchester United’s title hopes are likely gone with today’s defeat but fourth place still looms as a possibility. That having been said, results like today’s take the team further away from where they need to be. Each time this season it has seemed like United was coming good, a devastating defeat like today’s has occurred.

The victory over Arsenal in November that catapulted United ahead of Manchester City in the table and within five points of the Gunners at the top seems like an eternity ago. At the time, it appeared David Moyes had navigated through his initial “crisis” period and a title defense was on. Since then Manchester United has lost three times at Old Trafford and now sit 11 points behind the Gunners, and ten points behind Manchester City who as stated above they were ahead of in the table at the last international break.

Things are getting more and more complicated for David Moyes. He deserves time and deference but results like this aren’t going to win him any more regard from many United fans.

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11 thoughts on “Manchester United 1-2 Spurs: Devastating Loss to Tottenham Calls Into Question United’s Progress”

  1. I still support the guy but his coaching and tactics were poor today. Fletch and Carrick should be the big game midfield. Why did he sub Carrick off and leave Cleverly on? Why does he keep starting Valencia? Why did he leave no recognized Central midfielder on the pitch for the comeback? it’s fine if your going gung ho but thats downright suicidal at the highest level. If Spurs were more clinical they could have won by a bigger margin. My next problem is the Valencia at RB stuff it’s just plain stupid. He has made poor errors at the position and has made poor positional errrors and the goal today compounded that.He doesn’t know how to play football save for running down the wing and knocking it in the box like it’s 1975. He consistently plays him yet he’s been one of our worst players this season. Cost us the goal at City and a couple more games. No longer does his “defensive” solidity count as a legitimate reason to start him over Nani Young Kagawa etc. He’s been poor defensively all season and a lot of attacking moves break down due to his predictability. He needs to go. He’s shown he’s not a winger of the caliber we need. He only uses his left leg to stand on

  2. United had lots of chances that they wasted. If one or two of those had gone in we would be having a different discussion.

    1. Yes, and if the even simpler chances of Lennon and Soldado has gone in, MU would have lost 4 – 1. It is what it is. I hope you enjoy Thursday nights next year — at best.

  3. Plastic writers…

    “Don’t Sleep on Manchester United’s Premier League Title Chances”

    That’s from less than a week ago after United beat Hull thanks to an own goal. Who knew a loss today would lead to “questions”.

  4. For ****’s sake, your still in the CL with a favorable draw. Also, we’ll within a top four finish. Get over yourselves.

  5. “[Moyes] deserves time and deference but results like this aren’t going to win him any more regard from many United fans”

    No, probably not. But if he keeps up this form I’d love him to see out his contract, with perhaps the last 2 seasons in the Championship.

  6. Surprised the weekly Moyes apologist article from Peter Quinn hasn’t come up yet. Maybe he’s having a hard time coming up with talking points.

  7. Frustrating…..So many crosses aimed at nobody in particular. I mean, the defense is set, you have one forward in the box and you’re crossing it into the midst of 2 big center backs and a keeper who comes off his line?

    Valencia DOES force a LOT of corners, but why is Rooney taking all the corners right now? I agree that his deliver is usually very good, but delivery to WHO? I’m sure a lot of other players on the team could deliver 90% of the corner that Rooney can and that would free Rooney up to score. You see the guy on defensive corners…..they guy is outstanding at getting to the ball first.

    And I’m sick of seeing Valencia at right back. He’s not a fullback. He is willing and tries, but his positioning is all wrong. He looks like a winger playing fullback because that’s what he is.

    Finally, a few demerits for De Gea. This game was like the polar extremes of goalkeeping. On one end, you have Loris coming out after everything and almost getting into trouble a few times. On the other end, you have De Gea who won’t come out at all. On that first goal, everyone says “he had no chance”, but he would have had a LOT more of a chance if he had shuffled a few feet further off his line. He still got a hand on it…..he probably stops it cold if he is 18 inches further out.

    1. I thought if he came out on the second goal he would of had more of a chance than the first. The match for him reminded me of his first season for United when he was afraid to come out.

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