Hull City May Bid £1million For Celtic Striker Georgios Samaras When Window Opens

Hull City are preparing a £1million bid for Celtic and Greece striker Georgios Samaras in the hopes of bringing the footballer back to the Premier League.

The 28-year-old 6ft 4in striker previously played at Manchester City and Heerenveen, but his current contract at Celtic is set to expire at the end of this season and there’s a doubt whether Celtic plan on extending it. Although Hull City manager Steve Bruce has downplayed the club’s interest in Samaras, the club are still interested in placing a bid for the quality striker, according to the Hull Daily Mail.

Samaras recently said,

“I don’t know what the next stage of my career will bring. Money has never been a motivating factor in my career because I could have left Celtic and signed for a team with more money. I’ve had offers, most from teams in England, who have offered more money than Celtic.”

For Hull City, a £1million price tag for Samaras would be a bargain for a much-needed position.

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2 thoughts on “Hull City May Bid £1million For Celtic Striker Georgios Samaras When Window Opens”

  1. Samaras quality striker wtf? If he was quality celtic would be doing everything 2 stop him leaving. He only gets 7 goals a season in the Scottish premiership a league were no teams provide good competition for celtic. From a celtic supporter

  2. I suppose if samara has decided money is more important than winning anything ever again and that his career is over then he might go to hull. Wouldn’t blame him for going somewhere where there wont be any pressure to have to do anything other than try not to get beat to many times.

    As for his goal scoring record, people should remember that he is not played as a striker with Celtic. He is a winger. Look at his assists not his goals scored.

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