Future Of Stevan Jovetic At Manchester City Is Unclear After Pellegrini Adds to Mystery

Speculation that Stevan Jovetic is either homesick or has a mystery mental ailment has been sweeping the message boards and other supporters forums that Manchester City fans frequent. I myself as a City supporter, who presumably knows what is going on with the club, have gotten over a half-dozen questions directly about Jovetic in the past fortnight. Now the questions have gone public and have been asked directly of manager Manuel Pellegrini.

Pellegrini’s response to a question about Jovetic from Stuart Brennan, the City beat reporter for the Manchester Evening News leaves more questions than answers.

“I always believe that a player cannot do it unless he feels he can do it.

“I will support the players. I believe in the players and I believe in Jovetic.

“He has had a very bad luck for the first half of the year and I hope the second half will be very good for him. He is trying to do everything.”

When asked what Jovetic’s problem was Pellegrini said:

“It is difficult to know. I hope this will be the last one and he can start playing. He is an important player.”

When asked if Jovetic had a mental issue, Pellegrini replied:

“I can’t say that, no.”

Jovetic was a great hope this summer when signed after a good spell at Fiorentina. But his initial poor play followed up by succession of injuries has many concerned that he has been a bust. Last week on the ESPN FC program, Gab Marciotti named Jovetic one of the two worst signings in the summer transfer window along with Tottenham’s Roberto Soldado.

While he remains at Manchester City, it appears Pellegrini’s comments about Edin Dzeko not being sold in Janaury may be due to Jovetic’s continued difficulties. In time one can hope the Montenegrin star settles in English football but it is quite possible he never will. Still the potential of Jovetic is immense and if he does come good, it will be like a new signing for the Blues in the heart of the title race.

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12 thoughts on “Future Of Stevan Jovetic At Manchester City Is Unclear After Pellegrini Adds to Mystery”

  1. He has had a horrific time with injuries. He’s a brilliant player and it’s a shame he hasn’t been able to show that in the Premier League yet.

  2. Granted, he hasn’t been on the pitch much, but I’d still like to see what Jovetic can do. Dzeko is just awful when it comes to everything but lucking into hitting the back of the net a few times every 100 chances. Dzeko misses easy opportunities seemingly every single match, and his touches are just pathetic. He is also too streaky. Watching him during a cold spell will easily make you want to break a television or four.

    Dzeko does have one thing that City has lacked for the most part over the past few seasons; height as a forward. Negredo seems like a giant at 6-1 compared to what we’ve seen the past few seasons with Tevez, Aguero, and when Silva pushes forward. Dzeko also isn’t a headcase, which is something City has been fat on at forward for the past few years too (Balo, Tevez, Ade).

    It seems like Pelligrini is coming to grips with Dzeko’s game after trying to force him in over Negredo early in the year. If the rumors are true regarding the interest in Dzeko, I want to cash out NOW. Jovetic has shown he can play in the few matches he’s been involved in, and you can figure out what to do with Guidetti. Teams like to get dumb during the winter transfer window and grasp at any sort of hope (just look at some of City’s buys during the winter…ugh), and will end up overpaying for Dzeko. Evaluate where Jovetic (papercuts) and Aguero (leg) are injury-wise in mid-January, and see if you can pull off a Dzeko transfer.


    1. One thing Dzeko does well is get chances. Its so frustrating when he is missing all these chances but what that means he is getting a lot of chances. His positioning and attacking runs are very good.

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