5 Classic Premier League Footballers From The Past: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Most soccer fans will know what I mean when I say that it’s a real joy recalling old player names from the past. Remembering the name of an obscure forward that played a handful of games for Arsenal in the 94/95 season may seem foolish to some, but when nobody else can remember him, a sense of pride follows. Repeatedly striving to trump your friends with the anonymity and completely random nature of the players cited is the name of the game.

Here are six players to jog the memory of veteran soccer fans, or to create fresher memories among newer fans to the game:

1. Steve Ogrizovic

Best known for his days at Coventry, he kept goal at Highfield Road for just over fifteen years and played over five hundred games in the sky blue. He enjoyed a great period of time in the top flight despite looking like a campfire myth. Although I reckon the tales may have worked in his favour when it came to penalties. The kickers were visibly shaken as they stepped up; frightened to look into his eyes in case they became his next meal.

2. Darren Moore (Big Dave)

Big Dave, who was likely better known for helping teams to be promoted to the Premier League than playing there, did play a crucial part in West Bromwich Albion’s yo-yo years. Moore was an absolute unit; he stood at well over six foot in length, width and depth. A man mountain that didn’t lose many in the air, Moore was suspect on the deck. Perhaps his size limited him on the turn, and nippy Jermain Defoe types probably enjoyed matching up against him. Darren was an all-round great guy who was adored by the fans. The born again Christian had a good career and only recently hung up his massive boots.

3. Mark Fish

Personally I remember Mark from his time at the heart of the defense up at Bolton’s Reebok stadium. He also did a sturdy job while at Charlton for five years. Overall he racked up more than two hundred games at Bolton and Charlton before heading back to his home in South Africa. I remember reading that he once turned down a move to Old Trafford. I have no idea if it is true or not, but I’m sure United are far from bothered. He was good, not that good. He may have found himself out of his depth at a club of that magnitude. No need for a fish out of water joke.

4. Phil Stamp

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