World Soccer Talk’s World Best XI Footballers Of 2013

World Soccer Talk has selected its best starting XI featuring the best-of-the-best world footballers from the 2013 calendar year.

There were many difficult choices all around the pitch for us but this is the team we’ve come up with using a 25 man squad.

Starting XI:


Alaba Mertasacker  Thiago Silva  Lahm

Riberry Vidal Pogba Ronaldo

Suarez Messi

Bench: Enyeama, Robben, Rooney, Bale, Yaya Toure, Dante, Lewandowski

Remainder of the squad: De Gea, Ramsey, Chiellini, Diego Costa, Busquets, DiMaria, Ibrahimovic.

Agree? Disagree? Who did we leave out and who doesn’t belong? Let us know in the comments section below.

16 thoughts on “World Soccer Talk’s World Best XI Footballers Of 2013”

  1. Other than the Ibra omission and reach for Vidal this is a fairly good team.

    One issue Kartik, Lahm plays on the right and Alaba on the left! Riberry plays on the left and Ronaldo on the right! Maybe you forgot that or don’t know how to use tactics editor!

    You have reversed the LB/RB and LM/RM!!!

    1. Yes Terry you are right about Alaba and Lahm but Ronaldo nearly always plays in a free role for Madrid cutting in from the left and for Portugal too so I think its fair to put Ribery on the right

  2. My mistake regarding Ibrahimovic. He got chopped off when I was copyediting the piece. Ibra is now back in the squad.

  3. Ibra over Suarez at CF. id go 4-3-3:

    Lahm Chiellini Silva Marcelo
    Schweinsteiger Toure Gotze
    Messi Ibra Ronaldo

    Hate to leave Ribery and Robben on the bench but theyr not better than Messi and Ronaldo.

  4. Can’t find much to fault there, except Mehdi Benatia from Roma has probably been the best CB in the world this season. He would have to make the cut (and probably start over Per).

  5. No backup fullbacks on the squad? If Alaba picks up a knock in training and Lahm becomes ill, this team is done. Its not like Ribery and Ronaldo track back on defense.

    1. They actually have been of late, in particular when Heynckes came in for Bayern, that was a big reason for their treble, Robben and Ribery finally getting the proper discipline to start tracking back and have done so to amazing effect. As for Ronaldo if you watch the last Clasico Ronaldo was constantly tracking and following back, more often than not he was in his own half than in the opponents.

  6. no schweinstieger of Bayern munich has to be there rather than vidal. and ibrahimovich should be there along side messi, but who is enyeama other than that is ok. but you did not mention who is coaching

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