WATCH: Arsenal’s Highs Reached During An Impressive 2013 Year [VIDEO]

The length of time that this video will stay online on YouTube will probably equal the number of hours that Liverpool were top of the Premier League on Christmas Day before Arsenal dislodged them, so if you’re an Arsenal supporter it’s imperative that you watch the video as soon as possible before it is removed from the powers that be.

The video provides highlights of what a fine year 2013 was for Arsenal supporters, a year in which the club had the best record out of any of the Premier League sides.

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3 thoughts on “WATCH: Arsenal’s Highs Reached During An Impressive 2013 Year [VIDEO]”

  1. did they won a trophy?aresenal always plays wonderfull football but no result at the end so this stats are nothing,unless you win a trophy,and i don’t think this season they will win a single trophy,here are the competions they are still in: (a)champions league:probably out of it after they drawn bayern. (B)premierleague:they will be in the race come may but can’t see them winning at expense of city&chelsea. (C)fa cup:they had their chances but the same story will repeat it self again.

    1. Easy mate. Take a chill pill. All successes need good foundations to build on. Enjoy the good form instead of pinning for bad things to happen. Are you a supporter or a cynic?

  2. what foundation are yu talking aboat?it almost a decade since this foundation has been building. Is it endless?look mancity their building foundation started 2010 and in two years they have won fa cup,premierleague&communty shield. chelsea also won 13 major trophies since arsenal last won trophy.arsenal funs that come emaretes every week&pay the highest ticket money in the league want to see their team win trophies, not beatifull football. when they see every year united,chelsea,city dominate the league &europe, won trophies they really feel shame and in 9 yrs that didn’t happen and i can’t see it happening the near future that is the consequence for arsenal football club. This club is wonderfull club but needs some change to reclaim their invincible status.

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