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Jose Mourinho Barges Into David Luiz and Eden Hazard Post-Match Interview On Live TV [VIDEO]

david luiz jose mourinho 600x330 Jose Mourinho Barges Into David Luiz and Eden Hazard Post Match Interview On Live TV [VIDEO]

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, still beaming from his side’s 2-1 victory against Liverpool, barged into a post-match interview with David Luiz and Eden Hazard, to give the Brazilian a hug and share a joke on live television.

Luiz and Hazard were being interviewed by Geoff Shreeves of Sky Sports. Luiz was there to present the man of the match award to Eden Hazard, as well as to answer a few questions from the Sky Sports correspondent.

And then this happened…

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8 Responses to Jose Mourinho Barges Into David Luiz and Eden Hazard Post-Match Interview On Live TV [VIDEO]

  1. CTBlues says:

    He does what he wants,
    he does what he wants,
    Jose Mourinho he does what he wants.

  2. Dean Stell says:

    Even as a United fan, I love Mourinho. It’s hard not to enjoy the guy’s sense or humor and swagger. Has David Moyes made a single joke to the media all season? Gosh….he’s just so serious. Mourinho reminds that it can be fun and not everything has to be about clenched teeth.

  3. Ianor says:

    its the funny side of the special one! Chris, that is why jose is different compare to other managers.he had very special relationship with his playes!even those who are not playing regulary david luiz has been in and out of the first team.chris have you ever seen in the premierleague before a manager comes and hugged his players while they are giving live interview? That is why jose simply is the best manager in the world!!we will never see again such a man like this.

  4. Ianor says:

    I.e Look arsene wenger his face is like hell!he doesn’t show his players any type of kind after they win big matches!and look josee!that is the difference btw mourinho and the rest.

  5. Ianor says:

    Josee is the teacher and the rest 19 managers are students. So they have to learn from him! he showed today football is funny some times not to show seriousness every time like mr wenger&his freinds do.

  6. Bishopville Red says:

    Not at all like Mr. Mourinho to make it all about himself, is it…


    • francis says:

      Yeah he even managed to get in middle of Stoke players celebrating when they got that late winner to beat his side – that was actually quite funny

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