Watch ‘Cristiano Ronaldo – A Golden Year 2013,’ The Full-Length Sky Sports Documentary [VIDEO]

Sky Sports this week debuted a 25-minute documentary about Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo entitled ‘Cristiano Ronaldo — A Golden Year 2013.’

The Ronaldo documentary features highlights of all of his goals from an incredible 2013 season, as well as exclusive clips from his La Liga season.

Watch the video here:

2 thoughts on “Watch ‘Cristiano Ronaldo – A Golden Year 2013,’ The Full-Length Sky Sports Documentary [VIDEO]”

  1. Ronaldo wasnt been spoken of in any seriousness as been a winner of this years Ballon D’or until he went on a purple patch in October which coincided with some of the most blatant lobbying and even then Uefa Madrid still had to allow the votes to be redone/extended for the first time ever to allow him to win it (funnily enough just after Blatter accidently offended him with a nothing remark). Up until then everyone had the winner between (most likely) Messi or Ribery as both had had fantastic individual and team seasons, with both picking up titles, albeit Messi been injured. Ronaldo till October was 3rd and now all of a sudden he is a shoe in.. Is it the Best player of the year or best player of the last 2 months?? Ronaldo has been fantastic yes but can only win it when Messi is injured … For me Messi is the best player & then Ronaldo but Ribery had the best year…. Ronaldo says he shouldve won it last year and the year before but the truth is that if Uefa Madrid hadnt of changed the votes for him then Messi wouldve won it again this year. Still though its great to witness both Messi and Ronaldo in their prime. Hopefully Messi makes a full recovery.

  2. Absolutely CR7 was the best this year and how can you say that if Messi wasn’t hurt he would’ve won? Nobody can know that. CR7 has been pretty damn close to winning as a matter of fact the year that Real won LA liga he should have won!

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