Joe Hart Suffers Nasty Eye Injury After Colliding With Crystal Palace Striker [PHOTO]

Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart suffered a nasty eye injury today after colliding with Crystal Palace striker Cameron Jerome in the game at the Etihad Stadium.

Hart dived to the ground to collect the ball into his hands, but Jerome was unable to stop his run and accidentally collided with Hart. Jerome hobbled off the pitch, but Hart — after receiving treatment — continued playing in goal for City.

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5 thoughts on “Joe Hart Suffers Nasty Eye Injury After Colliding With Crystal Palace Striker [PHOTO]”

  1. Ok…third times a charm!

    Where is the media outrage about Hart staying on after that head collision? Where is Twelman and his outrage against City? Is it only French goalkeepers that play for Spurs that can have concussion or bleeding on the brain after a clash like that?

    No critique of City or Pelligrini fir allowing Hart to continue. It’s selective outrage. Why? Martino even called Hart “brave”, lol this article doesn’t mention the possibility of concussion, why not? I guess media has more medical insight to that specific injury right?

    Media bias & hypocrisy at its finest.

    Based on the coverage for AVB and Lloris surely a Hart should’ve come off at Half time and been taken for a scan?

  2. Geez….brave by Hart.

    Can someone tell me why there is no red card for that? Pause the video at :08. The ball is almost in Hart’s hands and Jerome is still 6 feet away. There was NO WAY Jerome was going to get the ball, but he put his boot right into Hart’s face. Hart could have lost an eye. How is that no the very definition of being reckless?

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