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Did Cardiff Owner Vincent Tan Boo His Own Team After Draw Against Sunderland? [VIDEO]

vincent tan cardiff Did Cardiff Owner Vincent Tan Boo His Own Team After Draw Against Sunderland? [VIDEO]

After Sunderland’s late equalizer against Cardiff in the Premier League match on Saturday, did Cardiff owner Vincent Tan boo his own team after the referee blew the final whistle in the Welsh capital?

As soon as the final whistle was blown, a resounding chorus of boos filled the Cardiff City Stadium with fans showing their displeasure presumably at the final 2-2 score as well as at Vincent Tan, the club’s owner who sacked manager Malky Mackay earlier this week.

It’s not known whether Tan was booing his own team, the match officials, the final score or perhaps the Cardiff City supporters who were booing him, but Tan’s actions are once again not befitting an owner of a Premier League club.

Watch the video footage here, and tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Editor’s note: For the latest Bluebirds news, analysis and opinion, visit the Cardiff City team page.

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5 Responses to Did Cardiff Owner Vincent Tan Boo His Own Team After Draw Against Sunderland? [VIDEO]

  1. Shyvoodoo says:

    If he was are you surprised. This idiot thinks that if my team LOOKS like Manchester United, they will be as big as Man U. You cant spray paint a pile of crap gold because the stench will eventually come out. Just another foreign owner with not a clue about tradition or respect for the players or fans. The FA has to do something about this..

  2. Paul says:

    i think this Vincent Tan business has been greatly over-exaggerated. Its more good old english xenophobia more than anything else.

    Yes Tan wrongly changed the crest and traditional kit colors but he’s done way more positive for that club. And he was right in sacking Mackay too. Cardiff had the 4th highest net transfer spend in the PL, and they are near relegation territory. It is likely that Mackay would have spent again in January again. Now ask yourself as an owner what do you do? Do you give said manager more money to spend when his buys haven’t been effective?? or do you sack him , get a new manager in and give him said transfer funds so he could spend???

  3. Rick says:

    Isn’t the FA who bears primary responsibility for this. Tan buys the team, unlike an NFL team, he is absolutely free to do what he wants. I’m sure there are some rules, but it does not seem like many. And for his part, are the complaints really a problem; as long as he can attract revenue or retain value, he can ignore the boos. The FA doesn’t seem to be motivated to do anything. Fans still go to the fixtures, buy the apparel, and cheer on the team. If you are that upset, stop going to the fixtures, stop buy the merchandise, and complain directly to the FA. Tan sees people in the seats and kits still selling; it’s like having a girlfriend you don’t get along with but you still get to… Maybe the real problem is what the FA allows. I don’t know maybe if teams had to get permission before changing primary color schemes, crest, rules about home and away kits, and permission for transference of ownership like from a body responsible for the codes of the sport like the…

  4. Matt says:

    Finally some characters in the EPL in terms of club owners/ reason I still keep my eye on Serie A :D

    Starting to like the guy, he put his money in the club he can do what he wants. Without Tan, Cardiff would be in League 1 most likely

  5. john marzan says:

    the first time i saw that video on the telly, it didnt occur to me that he was booing #firstimpressions

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