Soccer Fans Beware, DirecTV to Raise Prices for Satellite TV in 2014: Daily Soccer Report

In February, DirecTV will be increasing the price across various tiers by an average of 3.7%, which may impact the bills of soccer fans in the United States.

According to The Verge, “the Entertainment tier will increase from $54.99 to $57.99, though existing subscribers will pay $56.99. Choice tier customers will now pay $66.99 instead of $64.99; Xtra will jump from $70.99 to $73.99, with Ultimate now $81.99 rather than $77.99. DirecTV’s all-inclusive Premier tier will increase from $124.99 to $129.99.”

DirecTV argues that “In 2014, the programming fees we pay to the owners of these television channels will increase about 8 percent, but DirecTV is adjusting the average prices our customers pay by less than half of that amount.”

During the past decade, DirecTV has increased prices every year.

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4 thoughts on “Soccer Fans Beware, DirecTV to Raise Prices for Satellite TV in 2014: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. What tier or package do you have to have to get the EPL overflow channels because I may just go down to the lowest package to see all my EPL and Champions League. I get FSC and FSC+ on cable so I don’t need it on DirecTV.

  2. Ehhh???

    All providers are raising their rates this year (every year?). Dish Network is about $4 to $6 for programming and rates for their Hopper are going up notably.

    The recent wars with the content providers and more importantly the scab local channels (also known as the oligarchy or corps that own local channels) are taking in all they can. Content is getting more expensive, kind of like how Comcast spent a fortune for the EPL. Guess who pays the increased purchase price?

    But any excuse to advertise DishWorld I suppose.

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