Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 19

The commentators have been announced for this weekend’s Premier League matches on US television.

Saturday, December 28:

West Ham United vs West Bromwich Albion, 7:45am, NBC Sports Network; Gary Taphouse & Stewart Robson
Manchester City vs Crystal Palace, 10am, NBCSN; Ian Crocker & Trevor Francis
Aston Villa vs Swansea, 10am, Premier League Extra Time; Joe Speight & Neil Mellor
Hull vs Fulham, 10am, Premier League Extra Time; David Stowell & Dean Sturridge
Norwich vs Manchester United, 10am, Premier League Extra Time; Tony Jones & Tony Gale
Cardiff City vs Sunderland, 12:30pm, NBC; Steve Banyard & Efan Ekoku

Sunday, December 29:

Newcastle United vs Arsenal, 8:30am, NBC Sports Network & mun2; Jon Champion & Chris Waddle
Everton vs Southampton, 8:30am, Premier League Extra Time; Daniel Mann & Garry Birtles
Chelsea vs Liverpool, 11am, NBC Sports Network & Telemundo; Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux
Tottenham vs Stoke, 11am, Premier League Extra Time; Gary Taphouse & Terry Gibson

What are your thoughts on the selection of commentators this weekend? Let us know in the comments section below.

13 thoughts on “Commentators for NBC’s Premier League Matches This Weekend: Gameweek 19”

    1. Steve Banyard alone makes that matchup appealing.

      But seriously, I have only been watching this league for 5 years now, and even I know a relegation battle is very comparable to a top 4 matchup in terms of excitement. There really should not be any talk of an unappealing match after that snooze fest between Chelsea and Arsenal.

  1. Yeh.rizki.i asked and tweeted that question to commentator ian crocker on thursday and asked him “why every big epl game goes to peter drury is he the best commentator and hence no competition at him at all?he replied to me “the league association pick him to cover the pl matches,its not the decision of the commentator”.those were the thoughts of ian crocker whom you will be hearing vsplace and to add that peter drury and paul wash will be commentating for the forh game running less than 7days again chelsea vs liverbool.

  2. They Are Have Steve Banyard,And Steve Banyard Always Commentator On 17.30 GMT Kick Off…Steve Banyard Have a Good Voices,By the way,This Weekend Tony Jones Will Comentator Norwich-MUFC Game?1st Time He Commentator For MUFC Game?

  3. Is there any body who has an idea is skysports have influence for picking the commentry of the matches in 3 pm that they are not showing live “exclude bt sports coverage” i.e 3pm kickoffs in uk we never heard it drury or champion or banyard calling a match that is not shown live either sky or bt? Because sky sports shows the repeats& highlights of 3pm kickoffs using the commentry of pl production Is there rivaly btw those three and sky?

  4. The commentators you get on the ‘world feed’ i.e. english language commentary outside UK depend on how that game is broadcast in the UK. Here’s a breakdown:

    -games shown live in the UK by either Sky or BT Sport – on these games you will get TWI/Premier League Productions commentary. PLP’s main commentators this season have been Jon Champion and Peter Drury, who don’t work for any domestic UK broadcaster this season. Also PLP-only are people like Steve Banyard and Richard Kaufman, who usually cover the 2nd/3rd choice PLP games. Additionally, PLP sometimes also use for their world feed some commentators who work primarily for Sky’s (such as Alan Parry, Bill Leslie, Gary Taphouse, Martin Tyler[monday night games only]) or BT Sport’s (Ian Darke – used once this season) domestic coverage.

    -games not shown live in the UK – these are all the Saturday games that kick off at 3pm UK time, as well as any Sunday or midweek games not shown live in the UK. Sky has the rights to show delayed coverage of these games in the UK on their ‘Football First’ programme and so the Football First commentary also serves as world feed for these games. That’s why you don’t get people like Drury, Champion or Banyard on those games (since they don’t work for Sky) and also, since the games are not broadcast live in the UK, Sky will normally not send their first choice commentators to these games. Football First regulars are people like Bill Leslie, Daniel Mann, Gary Weaver (who work primarily on Sky’s live Football League coverage), Ian Crocker (who is the main Scottish football commentator on Sky), Gary Taphouse, Tony Jones, Joe Speight and a few others.

    -in addition to that, NBC use their own commentators on what they deem to be more important games – for example this weekend it’s Arlo White & Graeme Le Saux for NBC on the Chelsea v Liverpool game, while on the PLP feed that game will be covered by Peter Drury & Paul Walsh. Arlo White is NBC’s main commentator, and Steve Bower has also been used on some occasions, with Graeme Le Saux and Lee Dixon acting as co-commentators.

  5. Chris waddle is incredibly arrogant. Overly critical of players. Thinks nobody is as good as he was. And his biggest problem: he doesn’t understand officiating.

  6. Spurs Cardiff game. Sick and tired of these two giving their opinions instead of commentating on the game. This is not the NFL. If you want to give your opinion get on the pre/post game show. Most NBC commentators are like this. Bring the game back to Fox Sports.

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