Don’t Sleep on Manchester United’s Premier League Title Chances

David Moyes has been the subject of much derision this season. But as the epic Boxing Day comeback against Hull City indicates, the reigning champions have plenty of fight in them. The character demonstrated by the Wayne Rooney captained side at the KC Stadium was a shot across the bow to the teams ahead of the Red Devils in the table.

They may look done, but Manchester United is far from dead. Moyes side is in the semi-finals of the League Cup, they’ve won their European group, and are once again gaining confidence while climbing the league table.

Danny Welbeck’s re-integration into the side, as well as the emerging talent of Adnan Januzaj, are the highlights from what have been a solid two plus weeks of soccer from the 20-time Champions. Additionally, the wide play from Ashely Young and Antonio Valencia have improved in the five match winning run the club is currently on in all competitions. Manchester United knows how to win matches and they are showing once again nobody does it better than them when the chips are down. Wayne Rooney is also re-emerging as a top 10 global footballer, with his consistent performances and his willingness to take on new leadership roles.

Robin van Persie’s return could be bad news for the rest of the league. Having rallied to win the type of match today that Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have already shown an inability to win this season, is a very strong sign of things to come.

United remain outsides to win the title this season, but given their pedigree and the head of steam they are rapidly developing, writing them off is foolish. Perhaps it sells newspapers and makes for nice conversation, but until they are dead and buried, this Red Devils side remains capable of winning trophies, pushing the issue in every competition they enter.

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9 thoughts on “Don’t Sleep on Manchester United’s Premier League Title Chances”

    1. Manchester United have won their last five matches in a row. Tottenham Hotspur’s record from their last five games — W2 D1 L2.

    2. United unlike Spurs actually have players that have won the league before, so it’s not a huge stretch. Uphill? yes, Chelsea must be the favorites now that Jose has figured out his tactics and best team. But Manchester United had a MUCH tougher run of early fixtures than the other top sides and the table will IMO even out over time. Man City has the vast majority of their remaining tough matches away, where they’ve been poor. Arsenal also has a good chunk of tough matches away. Chelsea have the advantage with most of the big matches coming up at the Bridge. But if the teams at the top of the table draw each other regularly, United could very easily sneak back up the table. Spurs aren’t even worth a discussion. The pedigree of title winners and other trophies won makes United’s current crop of players dangerous. Rooney’s won 5 Premier League titles. That’s more than the entire Spurs squad.

  1. I’ll be surprised if United win the title this year. I WANT them to, but there are so many other good teams that I’d be dubious even if the top 8 were all tied on points right now. I’m just not sure there is much to separate those teams.

    But, United does look a LOT better. I’m sure a lot of it is that they’re playing weaker team, but the thing that strikes me is how much more aggressive they are. When they were sucking earlier this season, they had a lot of possessions where nothing aggressive happened and they’d just turn the ball over after 5-6 passes. Now, it looks like the last few seasons when Fergie was in charge. There is almost always some serious attacking intent within the first 3-4 passes.

    I’m not sure what the change is. I tend to think that Moyes decided to stop telling them how to play. It’s a veteran team. I’m not sure it does much good to make senior players think about what they’re doing too much. Just pick the players you want and let them play. Before it was like they had been told not to attack until both wingers were in good crossing positions or something.

    I tend to think that coaching elite players shouldn’t be that difficult.

    But, that Hull game also showed the weakness in United’s side. They really needed someone to just step on the ball and finish that game out. They had NOTHING when Hull swarmed them. Their best play was to hoof it to forwards and let them try to draw throw-ins. Of course, some of that will happen when you have two wingers, but they also need someone a little better in the midfield.

  2. I think that most teams and people should write off United at their own peril. Moyes’ Everton was a perennial slow starter and this could be the same problem with United this season, especially with Moyes having to tinker to find his best eleven.

    With Darren Fletcher coming back this could be the center midfielder they have been lacking. Put him in there with Carrick and that should be a solid pairing. If Smalling and Evans can continue playing together that’s a quality back line.

    There are still the issues with the number of injuries as well as playing having to continually come back with niggling issues, just to fill a role (i.e. Rafael).

    I think they are an outside shot at title winners with City and Chelsea the favorites in my opinion. Yes, Arsenal and Liverpool are playing well, but both City and Chelsea have been stringing results together despite both managers still getting a feel for their teams.

    1. Even if they begin to play well. (no evidence of that vs Hull City) they will need 4 other teams to simultaneously not play well. They will not win the league. They will be fortunate to finish in the top four.

  3. Kartik, you called this on the podcast several weeks ago saying United could get 15 points out of the next five matches.

    Well done by you but to be fair they cleaned up on the weak sisters of the Premier League. If SAF were still at the reigns then I’d be nervous (very nervous) but Moyes shows over and over again that he doesn’t go after the big matches.

    If he sets up a more attacking system when he takes on the likes of Chelsea and City then I’ll get nervous. Until then I can’t see them getting it done especially with the form of the top four right now.

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