Brendan Rodgers Furious Blaming Liverpool’s Defeat at Manchester City On ‘Home Referee’: Nightly Soccer Report

Other than the over-exaggeration by Luis Suarez who tried to win a penalty after having his shirt pulled in the box late in the game against Manchester City, Liverpool deservedly have a lot of complaints regarding the refereeing during Thursday’s match at the Etihad Stadium.

Brendan Rodgers in his post-match interview had this to say about referee Lee Mason:

“We had no help from the officials. They were horrendous. We never got any decision for us. The linesman for the offside one – they’re not even on the same cut of grass. It is not even a difficult one.

“It is a perfectly timed run when he was through on goal, the kind of move we have worked hard on. You can’t get a decision like that wrong at this level. They are big moments in a big game.

“There was another incident where Luis didn’t get a free-kick when Joleon Lescott comes through and it was waved play on. It is arguable it is a penalty at the end. But it was throughout the game.

“Hopefully we don’t have a Greater Manchester referee again on a Liverpool-Manchester game. I was surprised we were playing in Manchester and have a referee from Greater Manchester.

“I never speak about officials but I feel the need to protect the players this evening. They were outstanding and got nothing.

“Come the end of the game, the next day or two, I will get a call from an assessor and be asked for my opinion of the performance. I would ask the question. I am sure we won’t get Liverpool-Man City [refereed by] someone from the Wirral.”

The result from the decisive game saw Manchester City climb into second place, while Liverpool dropped to fourth in the table.

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22 thoughts on “Brendan Rodgers Furious Blaming Liverpool’s Defeat at Manchester City On ‘Home Referee’: Nightly Soccer Report”

  1. Blaming officials for a loss. Gotta love it.

    In all seriousness though, something does have to be done about linesman getting calls right.

    I remember that Negredo had a perfectly good goal against Newcastle disallowed for “offside”. It happens to every team and it really shouldn’t, especially at such a high level.

    1. That loss was on that official. What if Negredo’s goal was just magically erased from City’s scoreline? Thats the power the ref the ref used on Liverpool

      1. Do you really believe that the loss was solely due to the official?

        According to the Opta statistics of the match, City had more possession, more total passes, more crosses, more chances created, more attempts, averaged 4.8 minutes per chance compared to Liverpool’s 7.9, and more shots on target.

        City played well and I don’t think you can blame that linesman for the loss.

          1. Was Navas hitting the post not a clear enough chance for you?

            On another day, the scoreline could have been very different and I’m pretty sure everyone here understands that.

            However, it’s foolish to think that Liverpool deserved the win.

            They were statistically outplayed by City in every single category. I can understand why some might think a draw would have been a fair result, but that’s just the way football is, and Liverpool fans need to understand that if they have any real ambitions for the title.

          1. Score would have been 2-2 if Sterling popped in that gorgeous pass from Suarez into the net and not above it!

            Liverpool were robbed with the offsides, but that was only one of a few reasons they lost. Of course, if Sterling scored on that try, who knows where the game goes from there.

    1. Every single manager in the Premier league would have “whined” about that call. I don’t get why fans of other teams are so damn ruthless.

  2. A decision against a goal or goal that should not be, can change the whole psyche of a game. For some reason I seem to see that when ever the Manchester teams are involved…and it is generally in their favor.

  3. Blah blah blah. It happens to every team. Suck it up and deal with it. Refs are humans who make mistakes and will always make mistakes. As long as humans are in the picture there will always be mistakes. How about a nice linebot?

    1. I don’t know if calls that bad happen that often. Usually it is a step or two on or offsides. This was clearly not only onside, but the ref was in a perfect position to make the correct call.

  4. The issue that I have is that he impugned the integrity of the ref rather than just say that they “got it wrong” or “had a bad day”. There’s a big difference and BR is bank out of order on this one and will be fined and face a touchline ban I’m sure.

    As a Liverpool supporter I’m not happy about having him serve a touchline ban but I believe he’s completely out of order.


    1. As a Liverpool fan you think your own manager was completely out of order for stating the truth? He’s not bang out of order at all – he only said what the rest of us were thinking. FSG like their staff to play nice and to play to the PR machine but Rodgers broke the trend for a change and rightfully so.

      He will be well aware he’s got charges coming his way but he said it anyway and good on him.

  5. Yes there was the offside and yes there was the foul. There was also numerous short pulls in the area from Liverpool defenders and Liverpool’s missed attempts.
    Point is lost that after the offside they went a goal up and only went behind through bad goalkeeping. Second half they missed a few really good chances but he focuses on an incident really in the first half?
    Also I believe the game was played on Thursday not Saturday.

  6. he won’t face fine or touchline ban br he is honest guy and he told what he sh’d have told about the ref’s “lee mason is from bolton which is greater manchester”and for my self i really surprised when i saw him officiating the match. Why such abig match like this a tittle decider was handed a ref that belongs to manchester? This is really shame!! It should never happened again.

  7. The offside on Sterling was one of the worse calls I’ve ever seen. Truly bad.

    While it is true that officials are only human something needs to be done to make them more competent.

    Liverpool didn’t lose because of bad calls but because they are terrible at set pieces and Mignolet made a huge error an gifted Negredo a goal. They also had chances they missed. Not the officials fault.

  8. Howard Webb is the referee for the Chelsea vs Liverpool match. More bad news for the Pool. They haven’t won a big match in 3 years with Webb in charge.

  9. There’s also no promise that Sterling’s offside was a sure goal. Hart stopped harder chances during the game.

    Liverpool had plenty of chances to finish this off without having to blame a referee. They might also want to have a look in goal where Mignolet, who has been pretty reliable all season, totally bottled the second goal.


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