Brendan Rodgers Furious Blaming Liverpool’s Defeat at Manchester City On ‘Home Referee’: Nightly Soccer Report

Other than the over-exaggeration by Luis Suarez who tried to win a penalty after having his shirt pulled in the box late in the game against Manchester City, Liverpool deservedly have a lot of complaints regarding the refereeing during Thursday’s match at the Etihad Stadium.

Brendan Rodgers in his post-match interview had this to say about referee Lee Mason:

“We had no help from the officials. They were horrendous. We never got any decision for us. The linesman for the offside one – they’re not even on the same cut of grass. It is not even a difficult one.

“It is a perfectly timed run when he was through on goal, the kind of move we have worked hard on. You can’t get a decision like that wrong at this level. They are big moments in a big game.

“There was another incident where Luis didn’t get a free-kick when Joleon Lescott comes through and it was waved play on. It is arguable it is a penalty at the end. But it was throughout the game.

“Hopefully we don’t have a Greater Manchester referee again on a Liverpool-Manchester game. I was surprised we were playing in Manchester and have a referee from Greater Manchester.

“I never speak about officials but I feel the need to protect the players this evening. They were outstanding and got nothing.

“Come the end of the game, the next day or two, I will get a call from an assessor and be asked for my opinion of the performance. I would ask the question. I am sure we won’t get Liverpool-Man City [refereed by] someone from the Wirral.”

The result from the decisive game saw Manchester City climb into second place, while Liverpool dropped to fourth in the table.

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