An American Soccer Fan’s Ode to Boxing Day [VIDEO]

December 26 is Boxing Day, a traditional holiday that is celebrated throughout the British Isles. It’s a national holiday in Great Britain filled with trips to the pub, fox hunting, leftovers from Christmas dinners, plenty of alcohol and — perhaps best of all —  a full schedule of English football.

World Soccer Talk reader Matt Danow and his friend Tom Miale put together a video entitled “Ode To Boxing Day,” which is a holiday tribute to Boxing Day through the eyes of American soccer fans who love watching the Premier League.

Watch the video below:

Hats off to all of the readers who live in America and take Boxing Day off as their own personal holiday in order to watch English soccer. On behalf of everyone here at World Soccer Talk, we want to be the first to wish you a Happy Boxing Day (one day early).

6 thoughts on “An American Soccer Fan’s Ode to Boxing Day [VIDEO]”

  1. Well done.

    Boxing Day is celebrated not just in the UK but also Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most British Commonwealth countries. In South Africa it was renamed Day of Goodwill after the end of Apartheid.

    It’s called Boxing Day because Boxing Day is traditionally the day following Christmas day when servants and manual workers would receive gifts from their bosses or employers, known as a “Christmas box”. [from Wikipedia]. The “Christmas box” for BPL fans is the day of matches to enjoy.

  2. And to think of the clowns calling for a winter break. Boxing day beats Christmas day hands down for all football fans in this country. In fact the next 10-14 days are some of the best of the season.

  3. There appears to be some confusion as to which NBC channel is showing the West Ham/Arsenal match, and which the Chelsea/Swansea one on Boxing Day.

    With less than 12 hours to go NBC Home Page shows the former on NBCSN and the latter on Extra Time. DirecTV shows the same. BUT the NBC Extra Time page has them reversed, as does this site’s Internet Schedule.

    Which is correct, please?

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