World Soccer Talk Names Its Premier League Team of the Season For 2013/14 So Far

After careful consideration, World Soccer Talk has selected a squad of 18 players as the best footballers so far during this 2013/14 Premier League season.

We tried to balance the side though obviously we’ve gone heavy in central midfield (with two additional central midfielders on the bench) while including some players from sides such as Southampton and Hull that have played out of their skins thus far this season.

In this day and age, we do not believe playing with two strikers is wise so we’ve set up a variation of a 4-5-1 more like a 4-3-2-1. This having been said, we will say we have not picked the eleven best players but the best at each position within this formation.


Reserves: Tim Howard, Phil Jagielka, Mathieu Debuchy, Yaya Toure, Gareth Barry, Daniel Sturridge, Kun Aguero

Manager: Steve Bruce

Assistant Manager: Brendan Rodgers

Agree? Disagree. Our picks are sure to arouse controversy. Fire away in the comments if you think we got it right or wrong.

23 thoughts on “World Soccer Talk Names Its Premier League Team of the Season For 2013/14 So Far”

    1. Given the players on his squad, Hull City are definitely punching above their weight. Other clubs have spent far more money and aren’t doing as well as Hull, so Bruce certainly deserves plaudits.

      BD, who is your pick?

      1. Gaffer,

        It has to go to Roberto Martinez. What he is doing with Everton is fantastic. They just might make Europe, which is a superb achievement. And I am not an Everton fan at all….ugh. But I gotta hand it to him, he is definitely making people take notice…..

  1. steve bruce!! I can’t beleive it really.i thought its joke.he is the manager of the season so far! The editor Plz can you give me a reason or an idea why you have jumped roberto martinez whom lost just one single epl match and beat m.united at old trafford as well chelsea drew liverbool&arsenal and spurs and his team is the best defensive team in the league let in a few goals?

    1. Martinez inherited a side that finished 6th last season and has generally finished between 5th and 8th in the league over the past 7 seasons. Right now they sit 5th, and while he was strongly considered along with Rodgers and Bruce, Everton’s real improvement has been stylistic rather than results.

      As for Bruce it was a tough call over Rodgers. Very tough call. Bruce has a side that on paper should be in the bottom three if not at the very bottom. He’s tactically drilled his team and they have controlled the tempo of most games they’ve played, even those they’ve lost. Watch Hull closely and you’ll see the impact his tactics and the philosophy he’s instilled in the side is having. I do however expect them to fade but this is not a projection but based on what has happened to this point.

  2. yaya toure and aguero both of them are on the bench!!! I can’t beleive it again.another blunder!! I don’t think you guys watch the premier league at all.i really know now .how an earth can this two players miss the team of the season so far? I really can’t beleive it!! “World soccer” is this is joking or really the reality?

    1. On Aguero, we went with one striker so it had to be Suarez. On Toure it was a close call but Fernandinho has been more consistency influential during matches covering for a backline that has been far from solid this season and linking up with Toure and the other attacking players. Only eleven starting spots, only 3 central midfielders. Ramsey was a given. I believe if you watch City closely Fernandinho has been more consistent and more critical in covering the frequent defensive lapses than Toure, thus I selected for him. Toure has scored goals but he’s actually had more matches where he’s been off his game than in the last two seasons. It was still close, but Fernandinho for me is the best holding midfielder in the English game right now and his presence has helped make Toure look better this season in City’s home wins.

    2. Yaya Toure has NOT been one of the 3 best midfielders this season. His free kicks have been his main contribution; at times he has looked uninterested.

      And Aguero, while excellent, has not been as good as Suarez.

      My main gripe with City players is no Nasri in the 18.

      Come on, man.

      1. agreed! Uninterested is the word I should have used. I was trying to say he has drifted in and out of games while Fernandinho has done the business consistently. I love your word selection, should have used it myself!

  3. By the way, i really like the 4-3-2-1 formation. Arsenal and Southampton have used it a lot this season, and its fun to watch.

  4. Would have gone with Martinez as manager and Zabaleta at right back instead of Coleman, but quite happy with the rest (although had it not been for his injury I’d also have preferred Kompany over Lovren).

  5. i didn’t convince it at all your explanation!!. Your colleague matt jones chooses both aguero and toure. and he went 2 strikers and patners the best two players in the league and put in the goal machine and powerfull yaya in the midfield.i don’t think all the editors agreed with you in this site.probably its only yours!!!

  6. I would question several things in this lineup..

    At keeper, you didn’t even have my top choice.. Szczesny. I would have him start with Mignolet back him up. Howard has been excellent as well but would have to be third and not make the cut.

    Pretty good with the back line, except Debuchy would start over Coleman.

    Now for the rest, while I agree with the sentiment of the lone striker, if your looking for a best XI you have to get the best talent on the field. Yes Suarez has been better the Aguerro, but Aguerro has been sensational as well. You have to find a way to get them both on the field. So either a 4-4-2, or one out of position as an attacking mid with Lallana to the bench. Huddlestone and Barry have been good, but shouldn’t be on the roster. Gerrard and Hazzard take their spots with Fernandino moving to the middle and Hazzard out left.

  7. How does Howard make the bench over Szczesny? I’d actually have Szczesny as the #1, but I can at least see a case for Mignolet. Howard just hasn’t been very good.

  8. Brendan Rodgers will be the manager for me. I would also have Martinez as an understudy.

    My Team:
    Shaw Lovren Mertersacker coleman

    Yaya Toure Ramsey Fernandino

    Suarez Sturridge Aguero

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