The Last Time The English Football Top Flight Was This Close Was Christmas 1974

The last time the clubs near the top of the table of English football’s top flight were this close was Christmas 1974.

Currently, Liverpool sit atop the Premier League table on goal difference above Arsenal who have the same number of points but not as good a goal difference as the Reds. Right behind Arsenal are Manchester City, Chelsea and Everton. Any of those top five clubs are just one win away from jumping to the top of the Premier League table.

The last time the top of the table was this close was the 1974-75 season. At Christmas 1974, the first place team (Ipswich Town) were separated by just one point from seventh place team Stoke City. Sandwiched in between were familiar names such as Liverpool, Manchester City, Everton as well as West Ham and Middlesbrough.

It just goes to show how tight things are at the top of the Premier League in the most competitive EPL since the league was founded in 1992.

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12 thoughts on “The Last Time The English Football Top Flight Was This Close Was Christmas 1974”

  1. I still think it’s between Man City and Chelsea this year: they have the most talent and the deepest rosters…

    …can’t wait for Boxing Day…I plan on “working” from home…

  2. Who won the title in 1974?

    I think the depth of the squad at City give them the best chance to win the title. After that it’s hard to say who could finish next as all the other teams in the top 8 have problems in one way or another.

      1. Dave MacKay managed Derby to the title while Brian Clough trashed Leeds chances in 44 days. Leeds did get to the European Cup Final under Jimmy Armfield against Bayern though and were denied victory by some dubious officiating.

  3. Its the best season in the premiership history,not only in the league table but no one fears the big boys no more, any one can beat any one you can’t predict one single match’s out come that is why this season is different to last one. Who would have thought come christmas liverbool and arsenal would be the leaders?that is why this league is the best you can’t compare this league to la liga,bundesliga.seria a italy.every game in the epl is attractive to watch even when the bottom two playing i.e sunderland vs fulham.but surely can you able to watch when i.e valencia vs malaga playing?or frankfurt vs humburg playing? The answer is simply no. That is the difference btw english football and the rest.

    1. Yes, the EPL provides more excitement but not necessarily better football. The other European leagues are way better than the EPL when it comes to technical ability.

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