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Manchester City-Liverpool Game May Feature the Largest-Ever ‘Kolo Toure’ / ‘Yaya Toure’ Chant [VIDEO]

toure chant liverpool man city 600x337 Manchester City Liverpool Game May Feature the Largest Ever Kolo Toure / Yaya Toure Chant [VIDEO]

Thursday’s match between Manchester City and Liverpool at Etihad Stadium will feature a unique opportunity to set a world record. Both Kolo Toure and Yaya Toure will likely be on the pitch together, albeit playing for different sides. Nevertheless, there’s the opportunity to set a record for the largest number of participants joining in the “Yaya Toure” and Kolo Toure song/dance/chant at one time.

YouTuber Joe Weller has put together a video to encourage Manchester City and Liverpool fans to “make it happen.”

Watch it below, and then keep a close eye on the supporters in the Boxing Day match (which will be shown live on US television on NBCSN at 12:30pm on Thursday):

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2 Responses to Manchester City-Liverpool Game May Feature the Largest-Ever ‘Kolo Toure’ / ‘Yaya Toure’ Chant [VIDEO]

  1. Martin J. says:

    Right now Kolo is not a starter for Liverpool but with Flanagan’s injury (could miss out against City)he may start at right back with Johnson moved to left back. The gods have conspired.

  2. Kippax Lad says:

    I can see it now…Yaya scores one of his signature free kicks, City fans start the chant and look over to the Liverpool section, hands cupped to their collective ears, to carry it on. Yeah, that’s gonna work alright!

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