Jack Wilshere Says He Gave Man City Fans the Finger Because They Were Abusing Him About His Kids: Daily Soccer Report

Arsenal’s 21-year-old midfielder Jack Wilshere says that he gave Manchester City supporters the middle finger because they were abusing him about his children. Wilshere received a two match suspension from The FA for the incident, but the Gunner felt hard done by.

Wilshere said on Twitter:

“Gutted not to be Involved last night! Shouldn’t of reacted the way I did but I know all you dads out there love your kids the way I do….

“Suppose I will just have to take the abuse about my kids in future……anyway, one more game to go! Can’t wait to be back!”

Wilshere’s next game for Arsenal will be Sunday, away against Newcastle United.

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4 thoughts on “Jack Wilshere Says He Gave Man City Fans the Finger Because They Were Abusing Him About His Kids: Daily Soccer Report”

  1. Something that is rarely written about or spoken about is the abuse that crowds heap on opposition players. Some of the abuse is way over the top.

  2. It didn’t happen.
    I was there, in the section he raised a finger to. City fans were chanting wan*ker at Jack Wilshire, due to him throwing a tantrum when a decision didn’t go his way. There was no mention of his children, I don’t imagine anyone knew he had any. I had a bit of sympathy with him, as it was never worth a ban, but coming out with rubbish like this is just pathetic.
    Seems the City fans got it right!

  3. ^^ wow imagine that a city fan at a city game, shock horror! I was there to! Who is this Wilshere character? A bad tempered little runt who lost his cool and wants to place the blame somewhere else but himself. Why would city fans say something about his kids? Come to think of it how would the even know this jumped up little prat had kids even? I mean I’m there every game and I’ve never heard anyone talk about a players kids etc total stupidity from a simpleton.

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