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Jose Mourinho Says That Arsenal Like To Cry, After Being Asked About John Obi Mikel Incident

john obi mikel vs arsenal Jose Mourinho Says That Arsenal Like To Cry, After Being Asked About John Obi Mikel Incident

In a post-match interview after Chelsea drew 0-0 with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho claimed that Arsenal “like to cry.” The response was in question to John Obi Mikel’s collision with Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta in the 37th minute of the match.

Mourinho said:

“They like to cry. That’s tradition.

“English people, for example Frank Lampard, never provoke a situation like that and players from some countries – especially some countries – have it in their blood.

“Even if the opponent is aggressive with you, keep going. Let’s go – this is English football.

“Football is for men – or women with a fantastic attitude. It is a game of contact. The referee had a great game.”

Referee Mike Dean came under a lot of criticism from pundits and fans during the match for not red carding John Obi Mikel after he smashed into Arteta directly in front of the eyes of referee Dean. No card was awarded.

After the match, Mikel Arteta summed up the severity of the collision with Mikel to the press:

Seconds after ref Mike Dean missed the Mikel-Arteta collision, Theo Walcott charged into the box and was brought down by Willian, but no penalty was given.

walcott penalty appeal Jose Mourinho Says That Arsenal Like To Cry, After Being Asked About John Obi Mikel Incident

And then later in the match, Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic made a dangerous kick that almost hit Mesut Ozil’s head. Yet again, Dean didn’t give a yellow card to punish a Chelsea footballer.

ozil ivanovic Jose Mourinho Says That Arsenal Like To Cry, After Being Asked About John Obi Mikel Incident

With the 0-0 draw, Arsenal remain in second place while Chelsea sit in fourth place, just two points behind the Gunners.

Editor’s note: For the latest Gunners news, analysis and opinion, visit the Arsenal team page.

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16 Responses to Jose Mourinho Says That Arsenal Like To Cry, After Being Asked About John Obi Mikel Incident

  1. Mike Dean, Jose Mourinho, and Chelsea – just one big ****-fest.

    • Balboa77 says:

      You think he’ll get any criticism for his comments? Of course not. The FA already have Wilshere to smack around.

    • FreddyFreak says:

      the funny thing is that he wasn’t even asked “tell us about the play of English footballers…”

      When asked about Mikel Arteta he throws this bullsh#t.

    • Gwen says:

      Mourinho will be the one crying at the end of the EPL season. His players are getting older and they have to depend upon dirty play to survive.

  2. Dean Stell says:

    Ehh…..the guy is just trolling (effectively) Arsenal fans.

    Football is more fun when people like Mourinho are involved. If it weren’t for people like him, all we’d have to argue about all week is drab stuff like formations and tactics….

    • De Selby says:

      It never ceases to amaze me that people find Mourinho’s antics “fun”. Physically assaulting a member of the opposing team’s staff is fun? Saying inflammatory and disingenuous things is fun? Sending your team out to play in the most cynical manner possible is fun? Ever see the 2003 UEFA Cup final?

      It’s sad that people are entertained by his nonsense. And what his teams produce on the pitch is the exact opposite of fun.

      • leo says:

        Who doesn’t remember mourinho crying after that 2-0 defeat to Barca in the 2011 CL semi finals? Guardiola simply instructed his players to fall harder when tackled hard by mourinho’s madrid thugs! It was a master stroke from Guardiola because not only did he expose madrid’s dirty game, but also got them to desist from playing karate in the next games!!!!

        • Flyvanescence says:

          In that case it was a mistake in the long run from Guardiola because when Mou changed his tactics after that series, Madrid had Barça’s number.

  3. Gaili says:

    Its clearly penalty kick wow Mr dean that is shame on you ref

  4. BBC says:

    If it wasn’t true, it wouldn’t be news. That’s who Arsenal are now and they’ll always squeak by and get 4th place, but they’ll never challenge for the English title until they have a manager with a stronger mentality.

  5. Trevor says:

    Taking two snap-shots and a GIF image out of the context of the entire game is always going to give a fairly disingenuous color to proceedings. It was a physical, chippy affair from both sides. Had Arsenal players slid an extra foot on the slick surface, tables would be turned.

    Mourinho’s point is Arsenal are the type to ignore that, and instead get up in arms and throw a fit. It’s second nature; a byproduct of years of rationalizing away why their seasons never amount to anything. Based on what I’ve seen via social media, hard to argue that point, no?

  6. Mubarak says:

    Morinho is not a coach but a mafia

  7. Martin J. says:

    Bullies always pick on the weak. That’s why they are bullies.

  8. Fire Chief says:

    Walcott must’ve been on fire. Stopped. Dropped. And rolled.

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