Why Dortmund’s Marco Reus Will Not Be Going to Manchester United in This Transfer Window

We are all used to reading ridiculous transfer rumors that are pedaled by tabloids and journalists looking for eye-grabbing headlines on a slow news day. But lately there seems to be an avalanche of rubbish reporting from several English football outlets. Most recent evidence was an article from The Daily Mail linking Dortmund star Marco Reus with a transfer to Manchester United this January. It isn’t the first time that Reus has been linked with a move to the mid-table English side. The Mail, among several English outlets, have always linked the likes of Reus and the rest of Dortmund’s squad with extremely unlikely moves to Premier League teams. However, the latest article by The Mail reeked of desperation, ignorance, and even some arrogance.

The amusing article, written by John Edwards, claimed that “cracks emerged in Jurgen Klopp’s empire” due to Dortmund being third in the Bundesliga and Klopp’s innocuous jab at a journalist in a post match conference after the 2-2 draw at Hoffenheim. By mentioning that this injury-ridden team was falling out of the title race, Mr. Edwards basically insinuates that a bid this January from David Moyes’ side would be likely in an attempt to activate Reus’ release clause. The irony of this hypothetical situation (or Daily Mail utopia) is that by moving from Dortmund to United, Reus would be leaving ‘Klopp’s cracking Empire’ to the Sir Alex Ferguson-built Empire that is already crashing and burning. Why would Reus jump from the frying pan into the fire by joining the Manchester Side that are currently mired in 8th place? And even so, are Dortmund really in crisis as the author suggests?

In the Champions League, Dortmund have managed to top the group of death and have won their last two crucial fixtures despite the onslaught of injuries they suffered. They have now landed a manageable round of 16 tie against Zenit and will have time for key players to recover from injuries in the month long winter break ahead. And most importantly, it is worth noting that Reus’ release clause can only be activated in 2015. In the upcoming January window and summer transfer window, Dortmund will not be selling Reus to anyone. The other misconception in English circles is that Dortmund need money from transfers. Dortmund earned record profits from their European exploits last season and are in great financial shape. The Germans were even willing to shell out as much as 35 million for Henrikh Mkhitaryan to replace Mario Gotze in the previous window. But of course, all these facts do not fit in with the agenda of certain sections of the English media.

The Daily Mail is not the only English outlet coming up with such atrocious pieces of journalism regarding such improbable transfers. An article by English football website Hereisthecity has linked Dortmund player Marcel Schmelzer with a move to United this winter. The site, although relatively obscure compared to the bigger English outlets, comes up with a truly laughable rumor; a claim that Dortmund were chasing Fenerbache left back Michal Kadlec, a Bayer Leverkusen reject, thus opening up a possible move for Schmelzer to United in order to replace Patrice Evra in this January window. The sheer ludicrousness of this rumor, amongst countless other examples on such English sites regarding non EPL-players, exposes a certain level of ignorance as well as arrogance.

The Premier League is often touted to be the best league in the world by the English media, and the success of the Premiership’s global marketing and worldwide reach may reinforce that highly questionable view among many. It is therefore natural, of course, for a few individuals involved in these English media outlets to think that every player in the world wants to play in their league. However, in reality, a vast majority of the best players in the game play outside England. Messi, Ronaldo, Ribery, Neymar, Falcao, Gotze, Lewandowski, Ibrahimovic and countless others do not ply their trade in the Premier League. Marco Reus looks set to remain in that bracket for the foreseeable future.

The Dortmund star has never had any intention of leaving Dortmund, and Dortmund have no desire to sell. And as stated earlier, the German’s release clause does not come into effect until 2015. A few English football fans and journalists will simply have to accept the fact that some top class players simply won’t be coming to the Premier League, and that a top European side like Dortmund is not a feeder club for arguably inferior teams in England. Until then, we will be subjected to a perpetual onslaught of tedious, repetitive and lazy journalism that is based on nothing but pure speculation and delusions of the Premier League’s grandeur.

15 thoughts on “Why Dortmund’s Marco Reus Will Not Be Going to Manchester United in This Transfer Window”

  1. I have to agree with this. Dortmund are in a huge injury crisis and lost their whole Back 4 against Bayern and have lost back ups to back ups inthis crisis. Gundogan has been out since September. Pisczeck has been out for months etc. They are not crumbling it’s just what team can lose it’s ENTIRE back 4 and stay at the top of the league. They will be fine come February everyone will be back and by time the Ucl Quarter finals start the doom mongering articles regarding them will be gone. Even though we are a bigger club than BVB why would you trade Klopp for Moyes?

    1. Wait they conquered Bayern???? I am a BVB fan and I don’t like Bayern at all but come on how did they conquer Bayern? They won because Bayern did the same thing they did against Bare Borislov last year when they lost 3-1 and lost to Arsenal 2nil at home : Complacency. City didn’t beat Bayern. Bayern beat Bayern. They can be very complacent and have a
      superior attitude towards teams they feel are inferior but by no means did you guys out play them. They are a better side than City everyday of the week and the game that you should focus on is the one at the Fortress Etihad where City were mauled at home and the group was still attainable. That game that you won was a fluke and I would know because my team hasn’t beaten them excluding the Super cup since Shinji Kagawas last game for us and they have played some stunning stuff. I can’t stand them and cheered on your boys but the reaction from the press has been ridiculous. When Bats beat Bayern last season three one noone declared them Ucl Challengers. It’s been as if City are suddenly up there with the big boys yet they couldn’t beat us or Real Madrid at home last year where City were played off the pitch in both games. I have to say that one win doesn’t make City favorites over Barca or even make Barca marginal favourites. The English press will be this sides undoing. I mean the hype has been
      off the charts. Never count out Xavi Iniesta or that Messi guy who only scored 45 goals in an injury plagued season We didn’t even get this much coverage when we beat up Real Madrid 4-1.

      1. Dude i dont expect us to beat Barça. And the blowout at Etihad is as much the fault of our manager as Bayern’s manager was at fault for our win.

        Im not calling us UCL contenders. This dudes just a crazy German fan with a history of majorly delusional articles.

  2. While i have to undoubtably agree that Reus will not be coming to Man Utd in January, I can’t help but notice this author is so obviously anti-Man Utd.I agree that English journalists can be arrogant in their asessment of other leagues but this author is no different to them.Man Utd a midtable club?? just 15 games in to the season you are already giving them that tag?? Give them that tag if they are still 8th come May. I have massive respect for Dortmund and I think it’s great club and play wonderful football and undoubtably currently better than Man Utd, but to speak as if Man Utd is dead and buried and that Reus joining them will be a huge step down just reeks of massive hatred toward Utd.Man Utd is one of the largest clubs in the world and if you think they just going to go down and disappear in to oblivion because of current results, you’re hugely mistaken.That said, Reus shouldn’t move because Dortmund have a great project going on for them, but that doesn’t make Utd less great.

  3. I agree that some of the rationale for the move seems silly. I don’t think Dortmund is in crisis and I don’t think they need the money.

    But, it is still a move that could happen if Reus has a release clause (as has been reported). Then it is just a question of whether United think the release clause is reasonable AND whether they can offer Reus a high enough wage to get him to agree to the move. It is true that Reus is in a wonderful position with Dortmund and all things equal, he would probably NEVER leave Dortmund. But, all things aren’t equal and athletes switch teams all the time for an extra million dollars.

    Even if the quality of play in the EPL isn’t higher than the Bundesliga, the EPL is unquestionably a higher profile league. It’s just because it is English-speaking. There are ~322MM English-speaking people in the world compared to about 95MM German-speaking people in the world. And that is just the native-speakers. The current estimate is that 1.5 billion people on Earth speak English at some level. All of those people can follow the EPL just fine, read the blogs, listen to the podcasts. That level of global involvement is why the EPL is more popular than the Bundesliga even if the quality of soccer is similar. When you include second-language German speakers, you only get up to ~180MM.

    Now….it wouldn’t surprise me if this release fee is not as straight forward as has been reported. It seems a little dumb for a release fee to be payable anytime for a set amount. If I were the club, I’d make the January release fee a LOT higher than a July release fee. This is especially true if the player is generally happy with a club and doesn’t spend a huge amount of time negotiating the release clauses.

    1. Even as a through and through supporter of Dortmund, I agree. Although nothing he said is technically wrong, it comes through very biased and hypocritical. Although I must admit calling Man U a mid-table club gives me some satisfaction.

    2. We are in midtable after 16 games of the season. The writer however was very biased with the way he wrote the article but pound for pound the whole move makes no sense. Why should he leave a good gig for us? We may not even qualify for the Ucl next season. I think for some weird reason we will in it this season. Idk maybe I’m smoking the goodstuff but for some irrational reason I believe we will win it against Real Madrid in the Final. Dreams can come true

  4. BRILLIANT article!!!!!

    It absolutely amazes me how the British media and fans of certain epl clubs act as if all these great players in other top leagues are dying to come to the epl, when in truth they are not. Of the top 5 players ranked by Bloomberg for the 2012-13 season, none play in the epl.

    Marco Reus is a FANTASTIC player and BVB is a FANTASTIC club who are doing well, despite a terrible injury crisis that would have had most clubs get knocked out of any cups as well as tumble down to mid-table or lower. Instead they topped their CL group, are still in the German Cup, and are 4th in the table.

  5. this is the most pathetic thing i have ever read online, so biased and against united! why have someone write an article if they’re biased? makes no sense! ‘mid table team’ 20 times champions! of course we’re mid table, current champions, also after the best manager to ever walk on the earth left us everyone knew it would be the toughest thing to replace, even if pep and jose took over the job they would struggle to follow in SAF’s footsteps.

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