Cardiff Owner Issues Ultimatum to Manager Malky Mackay: Resign Or Be Sacked

The public arguments between Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan and Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay have escalated to the point that Tan has told Mackay to resign or risk being sacked, according to a report by BBC Sport.

Tan reportedly sent a highly critical e-mail to Mackay, where he warned the manager to resign or he will be sacked.

The tense situation between club owner and manager erupted last weekend after Mackay said he wanted three signings in the January transfer window to strengthen his Welsh side. Tan released a statement that declared that “not a single penny will be made available in January” to Mackay.

The Scot responded two days ago by stating that he would not resign, despite speculation that his position at Cardiff was untenable given the situation.

But the drama exploded again this week in two developments. The first being Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, who faces Cardiff in the Premier League this weekend, who criticized Vincent Tan:

“My only conclusion when I look from the outside is you’ve got a business guy operating the club who obviously knows nothing about football.”

Now with the reliable source of BBC Sport reporting that Mackay received an ultimatum via e-mail on Monday, it’s yet another twist in the bizarre legacy of Tan at Cardiff City Football Club. There’s no reason why Mackay would resign. If he was sacked, he would receive a hefty severance package, so it appears that Tan is making a desperate move to unsettle Mackay, which is exactly what the club doesn’t need as it tries to avoid relegation in the English Premier League.

The plot thickens.

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11 thoughts on “Cardiff Owner Issues Ultimatum to Manager Malky Mackay: Resign Or Be Sacked”

  1. Who in their right mind would want to take over Cardiff City after seeing this debacle unfold? Cardiff will go down under this dictator type ownership. This is where the problem lies when foreign owners buy teams and know nothing about football but interfere in the day to day operations.
    See you in the championship Cardiff, Sunderland and Crystal Palace.

    1. I agree that Tan is definitely a clown. But I wouldn’t say it’s just foreign owners. There are (and have been) plenty of bad English owners also.

  2. Dear Malky,

    Let him fire you so he has to pay out your deal. If you;re going to get screwed, at least be able to buy plenty of Vaseline.


  3. This is sad because of what the supporter go through and because a good manager might/will lose his job but in a way its kind of hilarious. Like you said, why would MacKay resign? He doesn’t want to lose his job AND his money. And if Tan thinks the sting of being fired will hurt MacKay’s career down the road… I doubt any board/owner/executive will say, “Will MacKay seems like a good fit but Vincent Tan didn’t like him so that is a red flag.”

    Tan is clueless and in over his head. The next thing you know he’ll want to change the club’s colors.

  4. At this point Cardiff supporters must be beside themselves. Every decision seems more erratic than the last.

    No manager, no fans deserve to be treated like that. My sympathies to the Blue Redbirds.

  5. It’s a shame. I really like Mackay as i think the Cardiff fans do as well. But I see a no win situation for the team or Mackay with this Tan clown “running the show” in Wales. Mackay will have no problem getting a top job, but the fans will be the ultimate losers as Cardiff make a quick exit from the Premier league. So sad, from an Arsena fan.

  6. Vinnie Tan is a blot on the EPL.the fans had to get the red shoved down their throats.Malky is being treated like a cuckold i said before the way Tan acted after the City win told me all i needed.Red Dragons need to go down.

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