Are These Liverpool’s Home And Away Shirts For The 2014/15 Season? [PHOTO]

Images of what may be Liverpool’s home and away shirts for the 2014/15 season have been leaked on the Internet.

If these are in fact Liverpool’s home and away shirts for next season, the Warrior shirts feature a consistent design that includes a thick horizontal band across the front of the shirt. In the case of the Liverpool home shirt, it’s a white or cream-colored band that sets the upper and lower parts of the front of the shirt apart. The away shirt features an identical style, but with a different combination of colors (charcoal and yellow, in this instance).

Both the Liverpool away and home shirts feature a unique collar with a thick string that combines an aesthetic quality along with the functional use to tighten the collar.

Are these Photoshopped images or the real deal? We won’t know the answer for several months, but it’s an intriguing design.

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