Are These Liverpool’s Home And Away Shirts For The 2014/15 Season? [PHOTO]

Images of what may be Liverpool’s home and away shirts for the 2014/15 season have been leaked on the Internet.

If these are in fact Liverpool’s home and away shirts for next season, the Warrior shirts feature a consistent design that includes a thick horizontal band across the front of the shirt. In the case of the Liverpool home shirt, it’s a white or cream-colored band that sets the upper and lower parts of the front of the shirt apart. The away shirt features an identical style, but with a different combination of colors (charcoal and yellow, in this instance).

Both the Liverpool away and home shirts feature a unique collar with a thick string that combines an aesthetic quality along with the functional use to tighten the collar.

Are these Photoshopped images or the real deal? We won’t know the answer for several months, but it’s an intriguing design.

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19 thoughts on “Are These Liverpool’s Home And Away Shirts For The 2014/15 Season? [PHOTO]”

  1. Not a chance these are real,don’t worry.they wouldn’t allow and strong/top near the neck and especially not to tighten the collar.

      1. There have been plenty of shirts in the recent past that have had collars like that. Umbro had a design that Manchester United and Blackburn used, if memory serves me correctly, that used a similar collar with the strings.

  2. Not so
    Home shirt red with round collar
    white LFC simple Liver Bird
    Standard Chartered in white

    Away -Yellow
    Third Shirt – Black

    You heard it here;-)

  3. wonder where the warrior design folks get their stuff from..must be some pretty crazy sticky icky snop dogg endorsed stuff for coming up with these designs.

  4. These debuted on the Locowio Twitter account and have been doing the rounds since… if you pay attention to the tweets, you’ll see that after designing them, Locowio tweeted Warrior to ask what they thought about some possible ‘retro’ Liverpool tops. They aren’t Liverpool kits – nothing more than a fan wanting Warrior to adopt his idea for casual wear!

  5. I’m going to come out and say that I would love this to be the next kits. I think Hendo in particular would look dapper as ****

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