Watch Stoke vs Man United and Spurs vs West Ham, Capital One Cup Live at 2:45pm ET: Open Thread

After yesterday’s shock result that saw Sunderland beat Chelsea to make it to the Capital One Cup semi-final, we have two matches being played today with big implications.

Manchester United is a small step away from playing in the Capital One Cup semi-final, but they face a tough Stoke City side in their path. Meanwhile, over at White Hart Lane, Tim Sherwood will be taking his first game in charge of his Tottenham side with a tough match against West Ham United.

For viewers in the United States, here’s the TV/Internet schedule for today’s League Cup matches:

Stoke vs Manchester United (Capital One Cup), 2:30pm, beIN SPORT and DishWorld
Tottenham vs West Ham (Capital One Cup), 2:30pm, beIN SPORT Play

Programming note: For viewers in the United States, Stoke City vs Manchester United is being shown exclusively on beIN SPORT and DishWorld. Even if you don’t have a TV subscription to beIN SPORT, you can access those channels via online streaming service DishWorld for $10/month. Read our review of DishWorld. And sign up for DishWorld via their website. Setup takes just minutes.

Starting line-ups:

Stoke: Sorensen; Cameron, Shawcross (c), Wilson, Pieters; Walters, Palacios, Ireland, Whelan, Assaidi; Crouch

Manchester United: De Gea; Rafael, Smalling, Evans, Evra; Valencia, Cleverley, Jones, Anderson, Young; Welbeck.

Team news: David Moyes reports that Wayne Rooney is injured.


Tottenham: Lloris; Walker, Chiriches, Capoue, Rose; Lennon, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Townsend; Adebayor, Defoe

West Ham: Adrian, O’Brien, Rat, Collins (c), McCartney, Diarra, Taylor, Collison, J.Cole, Jarvis, C.Cole

Before, during or after today’s League Cup matches, join the conversation about the games in the comments section below with soccer fans from around the world.

38 thoughts on “Watch Stoke vs Man United and Spurs vs West Ham, Capital One Cup Live at 2:45pm ET: Open Thread”

  1. Nothing wrong with the production on my end. And Phil Schoen is one of the best, if not the best, American announcer in the business. Ray Hudson, love him or leave him, is one of a kind. I love him.

    1. Maybe you watching something different gaffer because all I can hear is the commentator and nothing else. It sounds like they are 10,000 miles from the stadium.

      1. I’m watching the match on beIN SPORT via DishWorld. The commentary and audio is fine for me (most of the noise is coming from the United supporters).

    2. Sorry Gaffer can’t stand the fat man and the darts announcer… Absolutely Horrible –streaming time

      Have to ask why they don’t just use the UK feed …

      On the other hand Dyer and Joy were actually good yesterday… Joy only said “quality” twice


  2. Strong lineup for United. Is the semi-final played at Wembley? I thought the league cup semi was two legs, home and away. Unless they changed this.

    1. It really is a shame he can’t get more playing time as he’s a top pro who doesn’t complain and just gets on with the job.

    1. Phil Schoen just has a loud voice and doesn’t add anything to the proceedings. In fact he ruins it. Hudson can be very funny with his “liberal” use of the english language and the fact that he played the game helps him somewhat. Whenever I hear Schoen commentating I hit the mute button.

  3. United and West Ham have second leg at home which helps. With City strugging away Wet Ham need to get a draw or lose by no more than a couple of goals and they will like their chances. United should see off Sunderland. At least on paper.

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