David Beckham MLS Team Has Narrowed Miami Stadium Choices, Says Source

This afternoon, I had a lengthy conversation with a well-placed source that indicated that following yesterday’s unanimous Miami-Dade County Commission vote, the ownership group of a potential Miami MLS franchise that is fronted by David Beckham could make an announcement before the end of December as to the group’s plans. This confirms the published reports we have seen elsewhere regarding the timeline for the announcement.

The group has narrowed its search for stadium locations to a few sites including:

Watson Island (Port of Miami),
Downtown Miami,
Midtown Miami,
Miami Beach and
possibly a location further west.

The Downtown location would be adjacent in some way to the American Airlines Arena. Several locations have been scouted in Midtown, an area which would be accessible via Interstate 95 to Miami Beach. Miami Beach, I am told is trickier but that a plot of land is potentially available close to the hot spots of South Beach.

What can be confirmed is that locations in southwest Miami-Dade and in Broward County have been eliminated. The speculation that a stadium would be built on the location of Tropical Park in Olympia Heights has no merit per my source. Stadium locations in Northeast Miami-Dade and Broward County will not be considered I am also advised.

Stay tuned to World Soccer Talk for the latest news regarding the Beckham MLS franchise in the coming days.

7 thoughts on “David Beckham MLS Team Has Narrowed Miami Stadium Choices, Says Source”

  1. OK, not knowing Miami at all, I took to Google Earth to check out Watson Island. It figured would be a very cool “local thang” to boat to the game.

    But looking at the island, where could you possibly fit a stadium? And parking space would be impossible.


    1. There is no space. They are looking at the (south)west corner right by the bridge, they’d have to knock down a building or two and possibly create some new land. It’s an insane place to put a stadium, in one of the busiest ports in the country and with a one way in/out traffic bottleneck on top of already bad downtown traffic. Good luck with that Becks.

  2. The fact that they are even considering something close to south beach says it all really. They will try and cater to the celebrity crowd and make going to a football game the cool and hip thing to do around town. Wherever they end up with a stadium it won’t last because the novelty will ware off very quickly. You have to be a real die hard to want to sit outside in 90+ degree weather and all that humidity all year round. Miami is a terrible sports town partially because its full of transplanted people from other cites around the country and other parts of the world.

    The Dolphins can’t sell out a game and the Marlins are a joke in baseball. The Miami heat are the biggest draw in town and you only have to look at all the empty seats in the nationally televised game that’s on TV as I type to see they don’t even sell out games.

    1. As a native south florida resident, and although I was born in Miami, I don’t relate to them as real floridians. I completely agree with what you’re saying. Nobody shows up to anything – it’s a disgrace to us as a sport area in general.

      But, there are areas of south FL farther north that aren’t all transplants, yet unfortunately Mr. Beckham has neglected to cater to the local people like myself (I will probably go anyways), and maybe that’s the point.

      He might know that people like myself who enjoy the sport will show up regardless, and he is trying his best to cater to the more fickle people to draw a new audience.

      I’m not saying it’s a good idea, but it might be what he’s trying

  3. Outstanding!

    Go right ahead and build at Port Miami, downtown or Miami Beach. Logistical nightmares to get in and out of (that of course assumes anyone in Miami would show up after the first game). Go right after the South Beach nightclub crowd. See how well it goes. The same people that show up late (or not at all) and leave early for the Man U/Barça equivalent of basketball. The novelty is going to wear off real quick. It will be brilliant.

    The fact that Broward and even north Dade locations have been ruled out shows how truly clueless Beckham, his advisors and MLS are about pro soccer in Southeastern Florida. It’s not like there are 4 decades of pro soccer failure after failure in Miami to go by or anything.

    If things turn out the way Becks & MLS appear to want, everyone will win. MLS and the plastic “too good for anything but MLS” fans in Miami will get their flashy South Beach team. And soccer fans in Broward and Palm Beach will have access to local and affordable pro soccer, with great history behind it in the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. With Becks FC that far south the effect on the Strikers will be minimal.

    The Miami county commissioners should request that they build the stadium with orange and green colors. That way when the MLS team moves to St. Louis or something 10 years down the line, it will be easy for the Hurricanes to move right in.


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