Audio Problems On beIN SPORT Plague Beginning of Manchester United’s Capital One Cup Victory Against Stoke

Viewers of today’s Capital One Cup quarter-final on beIN SPORT between Stoke City and Manchester United were in for a surprise. Fielding the commentary team of Phil Schoen and Ray Hudson from the beIN SPORT studio in Florida, the audio feed from the ground kept cutting in and out and quite possibly seemed to be from another match. Perhaps the feed coming from the Football League was to blame, but the technical problem unfortunately reflected poorly on beIN who were sporting the network’s blue-chip commentary team for the match.

The short weather delay gave beIN an opportunity to fix the problem, and from minute 28 onwards the telecast was well done. Yesterday, beIN SPORT’s broadcast of Sunderland-Chelsea also featured an audio feed that seemed less distant than today’s broadcast. That commentary team of Ross Dyer and Ian Joy was also stationed in beIN SPORT’s studio in Medley, Florida. But the sound provided in that match felt more natural.

Manchester United held on to win the match 2-0 against Stoke, to book a place in the semi-final. In the other match, West Ham United defeated Tottenham 2-1 at White Hart Lane. The semi-finals of the Capital One Cup will feature Sunderland, West Ham United, Manchester United and Manchester City.

What are our readers thoughts on beIN SPORT’s League Cup coverage?

7 thoughts on “Audio Problems On beIN SPORT Plague Beginning of Manchester United’s Capital One Cup Victory Against Stoke”

    1. can’t believe i am saying this, but i agree fox is better than bein sport. using “fake” commentary never is the same. I will always remember in an SJ Earthquakes game this year when our commentators (commentating from an SF studio) didn’t know someone was sent off, when the tv was showing a replay of the bad tackle, and once the player walked down the tunnel they finally realized. However what they didn’t realize was that the player tackled was ALSO sent off for his reaction, and it took SEVERAL MINUTES, “we are trying to sort what just happened out” from the commentators to actually “sort out” what happened.

  1. So you got no commentary with Schoen and Hudson on the air? Count yourself lucky. Schoen is terrible and Hudson is occasionally funny. You didn’t miss out on anything.

    Not sure if the bad weather in England had anything to do with the loss of picture/audio.

    I’ve watched La Liga and Serie A on beIN and haven’t had any problems, except when the above-mentioned duo are commentating La Liga games. I turn the sound down.

    1. Yes, it’s called the mute button.
      This is what I resorted too thus eliminating what was very poor commentary on the game.
      Studio commentary on live football simply doesn’t work.

  2. BeIN showed their weakness and credibility as a network today.. Two fat Guys sitting in a cramped 10×10 booth in Miami pretending to be on site for a league cup match.. Sorry BeIn.. You just don’t cut it..

    Be authentic… Be real.. Use the UK commentary.. Your credibility will show you are a real channel serious about football… Right now you are pandering to the Gus Johnson crowd and leaving real fans behind.

    Dyer and Joy are acceptable… We’ll at least if Joy shuts his cake hole on Andy Gray “quality” impersonation…

    Bein could be the “go to” channel for football .. But it won’t be until it takes seriously it’s pxp talent.. If it keeps pandering to some hipster crowd and FAA to focus on real footy fans.. The channel will continue to be a blip on the footy landscape.


  3. I like bein sport in general, but I’m getting tired of Ray Hudson. I know this is kinda a different topic, but he constantly interrupts his co-commnetator and uses the word “magisterial” a thousand times……just saying

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