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Watch World Soccer Radio Tonight, Live at 9pm ET: Tonight’s Topic: Premier League Weekend Preview [VIDEO]

world soccer radio1 Watch World Soccer Radio Tonight, Live at 9pm ET: Tonights Topic: Premier League Weekend Preview [VIDEO]

Tonight, Nick Geber and Danny Page chat about this weekend’s Premier League matches including Manchester City versus Arsenal, Aston Villa against Manchester United, Tottenham versus Liverpool, and many more matches. Listen/watch tonight at 9PM ET. Chime in via Twitter @worldsocceradio or call in studio 800-878-PLAY.

The live broadcast of World Soccer Radio begins at 6pm PT/9pm ET and runs until 7pm PT/10pm ET. The show is on every weeknight, and features Nick Geber, best known for his Fox Football Friday and World Soccer Daily shows.

World Soccer Radio is streamed live on each weeknight.

Live streaming video by Ustream

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4 Responses to Watch World Soccer Radio Tonight, Live at 9pm ET: Tonight’s Topic: Premier League Weekend Preview [VIDEO]

  1. Dust says:

    It’s good to see you guys to a radio thing…I think you are missing a trick…it ahould be more than just one show (presenter pairing) not because there’s anything wrong woth the current show or it’s hosts. I just think (as I’ve posted before) that there is quite an unquenxhed thirst for good BPL content.

    For example perhaps a post game show on sat & definitely Sunday… I know you have the pod & probably as a result attrition fears…I wouldn’t think the impact would enough to not do it. But this could be almost a call collymore type format with fan interactions, there are several technologies that could allow for this as I’m sure you are aware eg google hang out. One approach could be for ppl to submit their subject then be invited and activated on the google hangout and provide their thoughts.

    Also, perhaps a google hangout at a bar post game eliciting opinion… A laptop/tablet & an snowball mic & you’re off to the races…

    Matt Jones IMO is the most solid non staff contributed with quality not quantity, someone like him host/cohost.

    Anyways these are just thoughts…good to see the portfolio expanding keep it up.

    • Nick Geber says:

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the show. We’re always open to input! You can participate on the show anytime by calling 800-878-PLAY or tweeting us at @worldsocceradio.

      The show is the video stream of our syndicated radio show which airs M-F 9PM ET rain, shine or snow. No yellow ball though!



  2. Smokey Bacon says:

    Whatever happened to Steven Cohen?

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