It’s Time For Manchester United To Start To ‘Hate’ Losing Again

During the recent ITV special Keane & Vieira: The Best of Enemies, former Manchester United captain Roy Keane gave his insight into his pre-match mental preparations:

“On [game day], particularly the parts of my body which had been previously injured, be it my cruciate, my hip or previous knocks; they would be aching me. And I know it was just because my body knew it was going into battle and it was almost getting ready. And I’m thinking, ‘Listen…I’m going to suffer.’”

“I used to build myself up to have that hatred and get my body psyched up because I knew I had to be at my angriest to be at my best.”

The legendary Irish midfielder was referencing his feeling towards Arsenal, but anyone who has seen Keane play during his years with United or his national team will tell you that ‘hatred’, some would call it ‘desire’, was on display game-in and game-out. Keane was notorious for his run-ins with opposing players and was the catalyst for some of Manchester United’s best teams in recent years.

Right now, Manchester United appear to be a team in fear of losing. They may not be scared of their opponent, but there is a hesitancy or doubt in their game that hasn’t been there in recent years and Premier League clubs are capitalizing on that. Even former Manchester United defender turned television pundit Gary Neville (who is usually spot on with his analysis) is finding it hard to put his finger on Manchester United’s problem:

“People always want to know the definitive answer. They want to know one thing but there’s never one thing that’s gone wrong when a team loses one match, let alone when they’re on a poor run of form.

“Confidence is low. I was at the game last Saturday against Newcastle and they almost drifted through the performance.

“I always think of United teams going down in a blaze of glory at the end, lots of chances, mayhem in the opposition box, goalkeepers going up but it just didn’t seem to happen and at the moment they’re lacking in belief.

“They’re the same players who were champions last year so that belief, form and standard is in there but they’ve got to get it back because they’re putting themselves under more pressure the more times that they drop points.”

Some fans are pointing the finger at United’s new manager David Moyes. But the signs of United’s stumble have been there since last season under Sir Alex Ferguson.

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