Wayne Rooney Transfer to Chelsea Could Be Back On, Says Report

Chelsea have been encouraged to make a fresh new bid for Wayne Rooney since the Manchester United star has yet to be offered a new contract, according to a report today in The Mirror. The prolonged transfer saga this summer that saw Rooney eventually give a world-class performance against Chelsea and then withdraw his transfer request may have prevented the Blues from shopping more aggressively for attacking help in the summer window.

Rooney has been almost without question the best player for Manchester United this season, but with the side struggling and a reported clear-out coming thanks to new manager David Moyes, perhaps Rooney would be tempted to move.

Manchester United’s financial situation has been the subject of much speculation recently. Certainly, Rooney can be given a contract that fits within their wage bill, but with debt payments and heavy lifting again postponed by the Glazers into the future, does United have the resources should they miss out on Champions League football for multiple years to keep Rooney around?

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4 thoughts on “Wayne Rooney Transfer to Chelsea Could Be Back On, Says Report”

  1. Firstly Rooney never handed in a transfer request so how can he withdraw it.

    Secondly Man United more than any other team can financially withstand not bring in the Champions league because our revenue is split fairly evenly between TV income – merchandising and match day income. Compare that to most teams who’s revenue comes mostly from TV income and we can easily afford a couple seasons without champions league football in a worst case scenario situation. Don’t forget our new sponsorship deal with Chevorlet and a new kit deal with Nike will kick in very soon.

    Lastly I fully expect Rooney to sign a new deal and part of that will he gets the captains armband after Vidic. When it push comes to shove the chance to break goal scoring records and be Manchester Uniteds captain will prove more important than a extra 50k a week he could get at Chelsea.

  2. I’d be surprised if he left. He’s been good for United this year….seems like the player to build around rather than one of the guys to jettison. Moyes seems to be willing to play him the way he wants to be played…..Rooney seems happy playing for Moyes.

    Even if they have to overpay him, it makes more sense to do that than to try to buy an equivalent talent on the transfer market. As we’re seeing year after year, there isn’t much value for elite players on the transfer market. So just give him an extra £25K per year and be done with it.

  3. If they bring a player of equal stature then I have no qualms with Rooney going. He most likely won’t sign a new contract with the way the team is playing and it is quite ominous that his contract negotiations were post poned to January. Wayne isn’t really a leader he’s more of a top player but not a leader. He’s to childish to wear the armband. He seems easily swayed by money so I could see him staying. But I would have loved for us to have sold Rooney and gotten Ozil in the summer because Ozil is the best #10 player in the world 28 assists speak for themselves.

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