Borussia Dortmund Commentators Go Wild After Last Gasp Winner in Champions League [VIDEO]

In the last five minutes of UEFA Champions League action yesterday, it looked like Napoli’s 2-0 lead over Arsenal was going to be enough to help the Italian side qualify for the next round of the tournament and to kick Borussia Dortmund out. The Bundesliga club were tied 1-1 with Olympique Marseille. But everything changed when Borussia Dortmund grabbed a winner in the 87th minute after Kevin Grosskreutz’s shot bounced in off the goalkeeper and into the net.

The Dortmund in-house radio commentators went absolutely wild when the goal was scored. Listen to the audio commentary here:

And, for visuals, here’s the goal from Borussia Dortmund that won it for the Germans:

Goal Großkreutz – Marseille 1-2 Borussia… by video4all

In the radio commentary, the commentators said: “This time on the left flank, Mkhitaryan has an opponent in his face, manages to power through, goes into the box, plays to the middle, lay it off!, strike by Kevin Grosskreutz. Goal!

“This one’s in, yes, yes, yes, Kevin Grosskreutz, yes, yes, yes, (in the back the second guy says ‘we are in front, we are in front’).

“Thank you Kevin, yeeeesss, go to the stands to celebrate with the away supporters. Thank you Kevin. Thank you Dortmund. Thank you football!”

Dortmund are through to the final 16 of the UEFA Champions League, while Napoli will play in the Europa League.

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2 thoughts on “Borussia Dortmund Commentators Go Wild After Last Gasp Winner in Champions League [VIDEO]”

  1. i think he is commentating dortmund tv.that is good because it is his club.but too much yees.i was listening gary weaver’s commentry it was also great.but he didn’t scream like the germans.the match was the same as dramatic as it was dortmund vs malaga last year.i was really worried,because if there was no dortmund in the knock out stages the champions league there would be no excitment.i love their stadium their manager and probably their funs.

    1. It’s not Dortmund TV. It’s BVB-Netradio – audio online streaming. The commentary is by Boris Rupert and Nobert “Nobby” Dickel.

      Nobby Dickel played for BVB until 1990.

      He retired due to a knee injury. He is also the Stadium announcer. Nobby is also known as “Der held von Berlin” (Hero of Berlin). He scored important goal that gave Dortmund the DFB Cup final win over Bremen.
      Nobby played the game with a very bad injury to his knee.

      That was BVB’s first silverware since 1966 (cup winners cup).

      Nobby is also famous in Dortmund for recording songs that fans sing.

      In fact Nobby started the tradition in the Bundesliga (in 1992) when he announcers the player lineups at the Westfalen stadium, he would say the players first name and the fans would shout out the players last name.

      Soon after Nobby started that, many other Bundesliga stadium announcers starting doing it.

      Nobby – der aller beste! :-)

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