4 Reasons Why Jose Mourinho’s New-Look Chelsea Are Premier League Title Contenders

Under the guidance of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea are looking like the best team in the Premier League again. Whether or not they really are remains up for debate, but they do look like the real deal under Mourinho this year. Last year Chelsea finished a distant third from the Manchester clubs, but Mourinho has changed the system, and they might win the Premier League by a distance as a result.

Here are four reasons why Chelsea will be Premier League title contenders this season:

1. Pragmatism.

Jose Mourinho came out recently and said “if you play like Barcelona when you do not have the players, you are stupid.” Apparently he has convinced Roman Abramovich of this, because Chelsea have gone from playing fancy football to playing efficient and smart football. Chelsea set up in a 4-2-3-1 system similar to last year, however there is much more structure this year. The wide players have more defensive responsibilities, the center backs are defending deeper as well. Chelsea stay compact at the back, with the two central defenders usually dropping deep in order to defend with the ball in front of them. This is done to play to their strengths, as players like John Terry and Gary Cahill usually only concede goals when they get beaten with pace.

The two holding midfielders are told to cover the midfield area well, and even the number 10 has to come back and defend. Furthermore the full backs defend much deeper and Branislav Ivanovic is only given license to go forward during certain periods of the game. Defensively Chelsea are really hard to break down, but they have also developed on the other end.

2. Goalscoring Improvements.

Chelsea have completely upped their game on the offensive end. This is a team that went from being too narrow, and playing short passes, to being direct and lethal. Seeing Chelsea on the counter attack is really entertaining now, as they just break so quickly with pace on the wings or centrally through the likes of Ramires. When Chelsea attack, they directly look to supply the ball on the flanks and set up a bank of four across the midfield, with players joining to support the attack.

3. Build-Up Play.

Another Mourinho tactic is the build-up play. Last season Chelsea would make non threatening runs and play the ball around their opponents. This season everyone knows what they need to do and where they need to go. The striker is running directly at players through the middle or on the flanks. The wide players are being told to also run directly at players and attack the bylines. Jose Mourinho demands a lot from his players and this is illustrated the most with Juan Mata. Since Mourinho views Oscar as the number 10, the likes of Juan Mata have had to up their physical fitness in order to keep up with the demands of Mourinho. Nonetheless Mourinho’s demand seem to be working because Chelsea are just five points off first place in the Premier League, and Mourinho will be hoping to capitalize on Arsenal’s tough visit to Manchester City this weekend by securing all three points against Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge.

4. Strength In Depth.

Lastly, the strength in depth at Chelsea is incredible. Chelsea have an average age in their squad of 28, but when you look at the bigger picture they have loads of young talent. Eden Hazard, Andre Schurrle, Oscar and more vital players are all under the age of 23. They have two players for every position, and they all can make a lot of first teams in the Barclays Premier League. When you can afford to drop a player like Juan Mata that really says it all. The Chelsea bench on average is worth £120 million, and it shows.

In summary, Chelsea are a team quickly improving both individually and collectively. The team has a core of young hungry players, and veterans to help steady the ship. Jose Mourinho is quickly turning this Chelsea team into one of the top in Europe, and it is going to be a pleasure to watch them.

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11 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Jose Mourinho’s New-Look Chelsea Are Premier League Title Contenders”

      1. I’m not saying Chelsea are not contenders but the very first line says “Under the guidance of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea are looking like the best team in the Premier League again”. This is hardly a accurate statement to begin with.

        1. I totally agree with you…my first thought was is this an article from 2004…So if this article is referring to the Chelsea we all watch week in week out, I guess this must be a different Chelsea in a different league….They are clearly struggling under the guidance of Jose Mourinho. We hardly know what to expect from the team every weekend.

        2. How are Chelsea the best performing team in the Epl? I am a Man Utd fan and Man City impress me the most. Once they get over their away problems they will be the top contender.

  1. I think you’re missing a point that, if not the most significant, is up there – NOBODY is running away with it. All you need is for a good team to have a very good run and they could take top spot.

    Chelsea with 3 and 4 losses already? Arsenal on top but showing plenty of signs of the wobble well before their common January/February swoon? Clearly, none are great teams, but greatness doesn’t seem to be required this year.


  2. They looked it first half last week, second half they looked like they were in the same scrap to stay out of the bottom 3 that we are.

    They’re not a patch on the Chelsea sides that have come to Stoke in the past few years. Drogba would have eaten us alive on Saturday, the player you have who can do that did it the week before for Everton. He’s the reason that you will not win the title, or rather Jose’s decision to loan him out will be.

  3. (wiping tears from eyes) Hahahahaha! WHOOO! Gerald, I am a Chelsea fan and even I think you are way off. But seriously though, could you send me some of the Kool-Aid that you are drinking along with the other guy on here that says that the US will make it out of their WC group draw easily? That must be some potent stuff……

    1. The funny thing for me was how the ESPN SPI Index ranked Ghana lower than the US and the US close to Portugal…I want some of the kool-aid too…

  4. Chelsea are developing very well under Mou.
    Lukaku went on loan and he was not sent on loan by Mou( that’s why it came on deadline day or else why would he even get chance to miss that penalty on Super Cup match)

    Mou is a manager not a magician so that the Chelsea who finished 20 or 15 points behind winners will go on to win all their game.

    In the end, yes they are developing, i guess they lost because Cahil and Terry played much more while Luiz and Kalas were injured including Cole. Cause Ivanovic could have taken cB role but cole was injured and Azip played as LB plus Essien is out of form. So 2 or 3 games don’t make sure if you are going to play crap all the season or whatever.. Stop being media(for Chelsea fans ofcourse)

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