Roy Keane’s Grudge is That Manchester United Thrived Without Him

Sir Alex Ferguson was “hit” yesterday by former club captain Roy Keane’s claims that he will continue to meddle in Manchester United’s affairs.

In his recently released autobiography, Sir Alex addressed Keane’s psychology.

“Roy’s an intelligent guy. I saw him reading some interesting books. He’s a good conversationalist and good company when he is in the right mood. The Physio would come in and ask ‘what kind of mood is Roy in today?’ because that would determine the whole mood of the dressing room. 

“With his contradictions and mood swings he could be wonderful one minute and antagonistic the next. The switch would flick in a moment.

“I think the dressing room relaxed after Roy left. Relief swept the room. They no longer had to listen to the barrage that some of them had grown to expect.

What is true is in the three full seasons after Keane left the club, United won the Premier League title after failing to reclaim the crown in the final three seasons he was at the club. Did the psychology of Manchester United change positively the day Roy Keane left the club under acrimonious circumstances? It’s tough to know for sure, but it certainly appears that way. Perhaps Keane’s grudge is actually that the club survived and even thrived without him?

What are your thoughts?

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