Manchester City Manager Manuel Pellegrini Miscalculates Goal Difference Against Bayern Munich [VIDEO]

Needing only a single goal late on to win Champions League Group D, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini evidently was unaware of the situation.

When James Milner gave the Blues a 3-2 lead in the 62nd minute, City needed a single goal to top the group but the manager evidently thought City needed to strike twice. He told Sky Sports that if the Blues scored a fourth, he would have considered bringing on Sergio Aguero.

As it was, City won the game 3-2 but were one goal short of winning the group. The draw for the next round of the UEFA Champions League will be conducted next week.

Watch the video below:

6 thoughts on “Manchester City Manager Manuel Pellegrini Miscalculates Goal Difference Against Bayern Munich [VIDEO]”

  1. It wasnt the goal difference that was miscalculated; it was the head to head rule that was forgotten.
    We needed to win by 3 to equal their goal difference.

    But first tiebreak is head to head. Bayern beat us 3-1 in the first match. Therefore any win less than 3-1 and we would have lost the group on head to head. A 3-1 win and we would lose on goal difference.

    However a 4-2 win would have won the group because we would have won the head to head rule on away goals.

    That is what Pellegrini (and apparently everybody in the city team and staff) wasnt aware of apparently.

    1. Important point here – quote
      “(and apparently everybody in the city team and staff)”

      Exactly. Not JUST Pellers was confused.

      Lay off Pellers, rag media (and some city fans also). We wanted a manager who can win in Europe, right?

      I’ll take not sorting the intricacies of the tie-breaker rule over getting dumped by Newcastle in front of (a purported but actually quite a lot less than) 80,000 Londoners and Thai day-trippers.

      1. Haha you are so right.

        Although im still not totally sold on Pellegrini yet–but very encouraged that he went 4-2-3-1 today (and hope he noticedhow well it worked!)

  2. Oh, quite the manufactured controversy from the rag media over this.

    Big deal – a lot of people thought we needed to win by 3 rather than two. And there have been some questions raised as to translation issues with Pellers here.

    So I guess he is a fool and a crap manager. So terrible to have a guy like this leading the side that dumped the media’s favored bunch 4-1 and racked up 15 points in the Group stage. AWAY FORM! AWAY FORM! CAN’T WIN IN EUROPE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    In truth, I’d rather have the first match in the round of 16 at home anyway. Also – you have to beat the big boys at some point. Big freaking deal.

    Put Aguero on and he pulls a hammy and you get crucified. And who is to say that is a guaranteed goal anyway?

  3. I don’t remember specifically how next round draw works but wasn’t there something a couple years ago in the world cup or champions league where it was suggested teams were purposefully finishing second if they could in order for a better draw in the next rounds? I’m not 100% sure but could something like this pertain to Man City and the gaffer is just playing stupid instead of just being stupid?
    No hair off my ass either way but just another possible angle…

  4. LOL…I think this is being blown way out of proportion…the real story is City coming back from 2-0 down to beat the mighty bayern at their ground…. seriously…that is far more important than what happened with who remembered what… after beating Bayern in Bayren you think any team finishing “Top” of thier group will want to play city? lol NO…

    No just need Napoli to beat the farsenal and it’ll be a great UCL for the “Neutral”.

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