Sporting Kansas City vs Real Salt Lake: 2013 MLS Cup

The anticipation and excitement among Kansas City and Real Salt Lake fans is building, to find out who will eventually become the 2013 champion of MLS today in front of a sold-out crowd in Kansas City.

Weather will be a factor at Sporting Park today where the temperatures are currently 14F, and may drop later.

The broadcast of the game begins at 4pm ET on ESPN.

Before, during or after today’s MLS Cup match, join the conversation about the match in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Sporting Kansas City vs Real Salt Lake: 2013 MLS Cup”

  1. I’ve defended the MLS and their stadium situation but I can’t defend their playoff scheduling. Absolute horrible timing with college football conference championships being determined all day. It would have been better to play this match on Thursday night which is the best tv viewing night of the week.

  2. A shootout is a shootout, so that was a tense, thrilling finish. There will be plenty of drunks tonight in both KC’s. Congrats!

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