Premier League Wednesday, Gameweek 14: Open Thread

We’re set for the busiest day in the 2013/14 Premier League season so far, with nine matches all kicking off. If you live in the United Kingdom, only one of the games is televised (Swansea-Newcastle on BT Sport). For those of you living in the United States, all nine matches are on deck.

Here’s the TV/Internet schedule for today’s matches:

Wednesday, December 4:

Man United vs Everton, 2:45pm, NBCSN and Mun2
Arsenal vs Hull, 2:45pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra
Stoke vs Cardiff, 2:45pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra
Sunderland vs Chelsea, 2:45pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra
Southampton vs Aston Villa, 2:45pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra
Swansea vs Newcastle, 2:45pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra
Liverpool vs Norwich, 2:45pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra
West Brom vs Man City, 3pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra
Fulham vs Tottenham, 3pm, Premier League Extra Time & NBC Sports Live Extra

Before, during or after today’s games, join the conversation in the comments section below.

27 thoughts on “Premier League Wednesday, Gameweek 14: Open Thread”

  1. No luck is coming Swansea’s way. We’ve now lost 3 strikers to injury — Michu, Wilfried Bony and, today, Alvaro Vazquez.

  2. Odds are stacked against Swansea today, but I’m hoping for a win against Newcastle who are the dirtiest team Swansea have come up against both last season and this season so far.

  3. It’s nights like this where EPL needs to have it’s own version of ‘MLS Breakaway’. There’s been goal after goal across most games & it’s hard for me trying to keep up switching between games!

  4. So who else can’t stand NBCs streaming? The amount of buffering is absurd, the first half JUST FINISHED for me. This happens any time I try to stream a game with them. No other streaming services is as universally laggy.

    Then there is the fact that finding already finished matches is impossible without the links provided on ProSoccerTalk.

    I love how NBC has treated the EPL on their broadcast networks, it is a massive step above Fox Soccer but they desperately need to fix their streaming component. It is disgraceful.

        1. Guess I’m an outlier because no matter the match there’s been no buffering. Hard to believe considering I’m a Comcast customer.

    1. I streamed two matches one on the laptop and the other on my new phone. Frustrated that the cell phone had no problems and worked 10 times better than the website which buffered every few minutes.

    1. Well Everton did hold on and rightly or wrongly – the drumbeats & frustration over Moyes management/future will grow louder.

    1. Amazing? They are notorious for that and have been for years.

      They were all out of a 1-0 Cup semi 3 years ago by the 75th minute. And started leaving when it went 1-0 at about 50′.

      Everyone who was there saw it. I was, and did.

  5. Ha. Martinez did what Moyes couldn’t do in 11 years in 1 game. I knew that this season would be trophyless but come on Top Four is a must for my United.

  6. Is there no Match of the Day on NBCSN for the midweek fixtures? Was looking to watch highlights of all the games tonight, but can’t find it anywhere. Any other suggestions? Will ESPNFC have highlights of the afternoon’s EPL matches?

  7. UTD is going to have to fight their ass off to get i said before without RVP they are a average mid table side.

    Well done Everton great job.

    so is SAF more amazing with what he did last year or is Moyes more disappointing with what he is doing this year?

    i know i will get hammered for this but what if UTD pulls a Chelsea and finishes down in the League and win the CL.i know very far fetched after this last performance but who gave Chelsea a chance to win the CL.

    Rebecca looked good in Everton. blue.

  8. Martinez has to be favorite for manager of the year. In such a short time he has got Everton playing wonderful football and they are even getting the results. At Wigan he always struggled early in the season but at Everton with better players he has been phenomenal at getting his players to produce.

    United are 12 points from the top and 12 points from relegation. Really stuck in the middle. Without RVP United are showing their weaknesses.

  9. Well Well Well…great character from Spurs today…that Fulham side played there nuts off but just don’t have the quality. Great changes by AVB as noted here really great result. Two great goals,

    A shame Paulinho couldn’t score from his beautifully catved out chance in the first half, but still.

    Obv my observations if a great performance do not extend to Dawson who again had a mistake riddled performance costing us a goal. & Defoe missing a sitter & throwing his arms about a lot again. Literally his best contribution was getting out of the way of Vlad strike for the equalizer.

    Sunderland played very well v CFC & will not be a gimme but that performance will take it out of them & they don’t have the squad to rotate and maintain it IMO so I think we win…not easily as poyet has them fighting but still 3pts (fingers crossed).

    How amazing is the cheating bitty one? Amazing performance from him! Where would LFC be without him? Bottom half no doubt.

    Only 14 games so along way to go, love this time of year…loads a football!

    Great stuff from AVB and the lads onwards & upwards COYS!

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