Manchester United Fans Have Broken Sir Alex Ferguson’s Plea to Stand By Their New Manager

Moyes Out?…Really?…So soon?

On May 12 2013, shortly after Manchester United beat Swansea City 2-1 at Old Trafford, outgoing manager Sir Alex Ferguson addressed his home supporters and thanked them for sharing the countless memories with him at the club. United’s legendary leader reminded the fans that “all the last second goals, the comebacks, and the defeats, are all part of this great football club of ours.”

He then spoke the words which seem to have been forgotten by many of Manchester United’s supporters:

“I’d also like to remind you that when we had bad times here, the club stood by me, all my staff stood by me, the players stood by me. Your job now is to stand by our new manager. That is important.”

It’s safe to say, after only seven months and fourteen Premier League matches, that many Manchester United’s supporters have ignored their former manager’s plea.

The Internet has been burning up with comments from angry United supporters after their club’s 1-0 loss to Everton. They are calling for someone’s head. The most logical victim is David Moyes.

Moyes never managed to win at Old Trafford in eleven years as Everton manager, but Roberto Martínez managed to do it in his first attempt. The press, United’s detractors, and some of their own fans are having a field day with this defeat. Everton supporters taunted their old manager throughout the contest and celebrated the victory as if they had just won silverware for the first time since 1995 (unfortunately the match only gave Everton three points). United’s own supporters are directing their anger at the club’s front office and its manager.

“Moyes Out!”, “Fellaini is a bust!”, “We need to buy Koke (Atletico Madrid), Ander Herrera (Athletic Bilbao), Leighton Baines, Iniesta, and anyone else we can grab during the January transfer window!”

Stay Calm, Manchester United supporters. Trust SAF.

Are Manchester United going to win the league this season? The odds are against them at this point. But this season in the Premier League hasn’t exactly gone “according to plan”. So with twenty-four matches left to play and a twelve point gap between them and league leading Arsenal, United are still in the title race…mathematically.

Will Manchester United finish outside of the top four? Because of the congestion of the league table, there are seven teams who are within eight points of second place Chelsea. Six teams are within six points of third place Manchester City. And four teams trail Liverpool/Everton by five points for the last Champions League spot…with TWENTY-FOUR MATCHES TO GO. Manchester United fits into every one of those categories, so the Red Devils are still in contention for a top four spot.

More than likely, these circumstances won’t sit well with some of United’s supporters. “Manchester United are a ‘top’ club who should be competing for silverware on all fronts! Now we’re just going to be happy with a top four position!?” No. But this is the hand United have been dealt. And as sacrilegious as this may be, I’m going to quote the legendary Liverpool manager Bill Shankly: “If you can’t support us when we lose or draw, don’t support us when we win.”

Here’s another reminder for those United supporters who are jumping ship or calling for the manager’s head after fourteen matches: The loss to Everton comes on the heels of United being unbeaten in twelve straight matches in all competitions. Manchester United are currently top of their Champions League group with one match to play and they have advanced to the quarter-finals of the Capital One Cup. So in spite of the club’s failings in the summer transfer window and the loss of key figures to injuries through the early part of the season, David Moyes and his players are competing for silverware.

What the club needs now (more than ever) is the support of its fans. At this time, Manchester United are not a club that strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents. Teams are lining up to take their shots at what they perceive as a wounded champion. It used to be that United would take a team’s ‘best shot’ on the road. But now teams are coming into ‘the theatre’ in Manchester and trying to forge their own dream.

United fans need to rally around their club. Instead of a mausoleum, Old Trafford needs to return to the burning cauldron it was only a few years ago. Supporters shouldn’t make any excuses for the poor atmosphere inside the legendary ground. It shouldn’t make a difference whether it’s the high ticket prices, no standing rule, no singing section, or whatever. Old Trafford seats 72,811 people (minus about 3,000 for away supporters). United fans can’t say that they don’t have enough die hard supporters inside that stadium to make it rock to its foundation come Saturday against Newcastle.

“We had bad times here, the club stood by me, all my staff stood by me, the players stood by me. Your job now is to stand by our new manager.” We trusted Fergie’s judgment before, we need to trust him again.

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  1. The problem is it’s not Sir Alex pulling the strings anymore it’s Moyes. And it’s not the Moyes they thought they were getting. He looks less like the guy who out performed at Everton with every timid press conference. The job looks too big for him right now. He literally looks like a deer stuck in the headlights rather than the carbon copy of Ferguson that Sir Alex was imploring the fans to support.

  2. Peter,

    I think it’s the combination of different things from letting Renee Meulensten go, giving Nani 5-year contract, losing to WBA at OT, how his substitutions have been disastrous, etc.

    The fans support the club by buying merchandise, season tickets, tickets,etc. They have the right to be disappointed. You can always find certain fan who are extremely vocal, especially these days.

    For me, long time fan, who followed United since 1989, the memory of Graeme Souness and what he did to Liverpool was really vivid. I truly fear that this will happen to United.

    1. Graeme Souness inherited an ageing squad and they were REALLY old or average. Whereas Moyes overall has a very good squad at a great range of ages, throw in a couple of world class players in RVP & Rooney too. Souness in the transfer market was awful when replacing the old, we shall see how Moyes fares, so far not so good judging on Fellaini’s first few months.

      1. This is not 100% correct. When Souness took over the squad, most the stars were not even in their 30s or just turned 30s.
        Rush was 30, Beardsley was 30, Whelan was 30, Molby was 28, McMahon was 30, Houghton was 29, Nicol was 30, Barnes was 28. Yes, they were getting old, but not you can consider “old”. Compared to Vidic, Carrick, Ferdinand or Giggs who are close to mid 30s (and 40 for Giggs).
        But I agree that Souness was awful when bringing in transfer and also was in hurry selling experienced players.

        1. Comon Rush, Mcmahon, Whelan were past their prime. And their squad players were nowhere near as good as our current squad bunch, Jimmy Carter? Barry Venison? David Speedie? Ronnie Rosenthal? Better than Valencia, Young, Nani, Jones, Cleverly, Welbeck, Chicharito? I think not

          And Ferdinand and Giggs are not even integral to the 1st team anymore they’ve been more or less replaced

          1. A good portion of Moyes’ squad players are young (Zaha,Januzaj,Jones,Kagawa etc) with potential and scope to be alot better…same can’t be said of the Liverpool lot

  3. Fans who are calling for Moyes to go are idiots who have no clue about football. They either have some romantic idea that ole solskajer or is going to come in and flip a switch to turn things around immediately or they think we are just going to snap our fingers and take a top manager from another European club. The truth is the problem isn’t the manager its the players he’s inherited.

    Too many average players in midfield who simply aren’t getting the job done each game. Players like Cleverly, Anderson, Young, Fellaini and Giggs aren’t of the quality utd have had in the past. He needs to sign two central versatile midfielders in January to compliment Carrick and Jones. Moyes has been given the benefit of the doubt over the summer transfer fiasco but if he fails to deliver quality players in January the fans at that point will rightly show their displeasure.

    The only problem I have with regards to Moyes right now his refusal to play Zaha and his lack of faith in Nani.

    1. There is a lot of questions regarding what happened in the transfer window this summer. Didn’t Moyes know that Young and Anderson are not good enough? If so, why there was no purchase at all (besides Fellaini) to address it?
      Why Nani got 5 year new contract? He’s wildly inconsistent. I can’t blame him for not playing Nani. Not playing Zaha is baffling.

      1. I always thought it was a little strange that Moyes was given the biggest job in football last summer and the first thing he did was go on a two week holiday which seemed to last 6 weeks. He has to take some of the blame for the transfer strategy that failed miserably which is why come Jan he needs to make some moves to upgrade the team.

        Every player who Is brought in doesn’t need to be world class they just need to be better than what we currently have and young enough to keep developing. I’m guessing the reason the likes if Anderson and Young didn’t get sold was because we had such a hard time bringing in replacements first.

        No doubt Nani can be frustrating at times but he’s still one of the few players who can produce a bit of skill that can win a game. Like most players he needs a run of games to produce his best form which is why I can’t understand the decision to drop him after he played well against Bayern Leverkusen.

        1. Moyes doesn’t fully know his players enough yet. A few weeks back he played Ferdinand in 3 games back to back. Fergie got the best of Rio last season because he managed the player just as well as the team.

          For Moyes I think he is still in the early stages of the adaptation process, he’s also learning to manage the expectations of Manchester United as well which he looks like he’s struggling at this early stage.

          1. That’s why it’s a concern. He should have known Rio’s condition based on input from SAF how he fielded Rio in the past season.

          1. Yeah but Zaha has alot more time on his side, he’s still developing as a player and person he isn’t the finished article. Nani should be at his peak and should be one of the leaders in the 1st team already…but he isn’t, shame.

    2. if there was twitter and the internet when Alex Ferguson took over UTD their would never had been a Sir Alex Ferguson.the midfield is shat plain and simple.Valencia at right back did not help did not mark oviedo on the goal.

      1. Agreed Valencia’s lack of defensive awareness and positional sense was partly to blame for the goal. You would hope a proper fullback like Raphael would have at least had a look to see where Oviedo was and not let him get behind him like that.

        1. Yeah Rafael would’ve looked that’s it full stop. Bilbao at Old Trafford last year anyone? A perfectly overrated full-back. After a good season last season still can’t get into the Brazilian squad even as back-up to Alves or Maicon. Loses his head, can be easily wound up (olympics final, David Luiz etc.etc) is rash as in the tackle and for a brazilian full-back is terrible going forward (not enough assists, not enough shots, inconsistent crossing).

    3. I opposite with whom support moyes 2 go on as united manager coz his profile not legolise 2 coach team like manu he has no wining mentality its substitutions cosed missereble me as me i cant argue to put off rafael 4 nani januzaj4 kagawa dis’s the bad decission! 11 seasons at everton without silver then to united to create your own history at da big club like manu! dis is marvelous story n also is a same team which won da epl 13,if so he bought fellain as his perfect mildfield 4 massive money n he rejected strootman,other players rejected united b’se of moyes’ ability!

    4. I’m not having he inherited an average rubbish squad crap. The talent under his disposal at United is far greater and has more depth than what he has ever worked with before, they are champions have loads of experience and there’s alot of youth in there to develop and mould. This average squad he inherited crap is just an excuse. The squad is good enough to at least challenge in defending the title!

      It’s Moyes and his coaches job to get the most out of the talent individually and collectively to achieve matchday winning results. So far ity’s been disappointing

  4. @mucf77. What right have you got to call people idiots? You’re a bigger FOOL for trying to call people names instead of laying down your points & facts if you’ve got any. Apparently, you haven’t got any so why not go fcuk yourself. Moyes is clueless. Truth be told!

    1. Is that why he has one of the best records for all managers in the past 7 years? I am an Everton fan and he does have his faults. He plays a negative tactics in big games and makes some poor substitutions. However, the transfer problems Man U faces have nothing to do with him. In fact if any blame needs to be pointed it should be at SAF who is head of football operations. TRUTH BE TOLD!

      1. Your a fool for saying blame SAF. The manager always has the final say in transfers. SAF said that he would be taking a break from Manchester United after he retired and only took up his position after the window closed. Moyes picked his targets most of which were unobtainable. Cesc playing for Manchester United after he repeatedly said he would only come back to England for Arsenal complete joke.

  5. I’d say those fans are spoiled rotten.

    Does remind me of Wenger’s scalp that Arsenal fans were demanding a week into this season. Those “fans” don’t seem quite as vocal about that now.

  6. Moyes has made d club 2 vulnerable dat even d smallest teams no longa fear us nd d rate @ wich d players get injured is 2 high, i ll only b pleasd if we mange 2 finish top four bt if not den utd wil have no option than 20 sack him at d end of d summer

    1. Fully agree with this giggs can play 4rm da bench we need to give our young player the opertunity our mdfield is dead fellaini has slo feet he nd doesn’t fit in at united cleverly should start every game evras defens is poor but he’s surly a shareholder at the club that’s y he can’t be benched

  7. David Moyes has made Manchester United total disaster because he can’t put a proper team & clueless about formation & tactic & changing the whole backroom staff. I remember Manchester United is a team that strike fear into team they up against but now every team believe they can get the job done without fear so they can attack the team freely without scare of being attack in return

  8. What is painful with D.moyes is the Fact he 4got what brought him to OT.compact mildfield with one Striker,now we have Velencia ok,why use Kagawa,felini and Jones then Wazza and Chicharito.and he took of Raf and Kagawa instead of Welbeck and Giggs 40 and 90mins? No.TRUST ME I CAN DO THAT JOB AND WIN TRUPHIES 4 US.

  9. He looks confused. He’s out of his depth. His selections are haphazard. I’m no Man Utd fan but this is a team that won the league comfortably last year and they look like Old Everton 2.0. Moyes is a mid-table guy that has never experienced WINNING. For Man Utd to lose out on the Champion’s League places (which looks a distinct possibility) is unthinkable in the modern game.

    The fans are going to have to ask themselves if they’re okay with that…mediocrity until Moyes can get it right. I’m not sure he can.

  10. moyez even he buy the very best players i dont think if he will turn arond things at united b’se dont know to use them. da exactly e.g. look back at everton da playas whose he have i.e. anchebe,etc n da gud playas he was not given da chance like barkley dats why matnez does not have probs 2 coach da tim 4 glory. sack him! if small tm like sund,di canio,fulham jol,palace n stok they sacked their managers why not bg,gr8 n famour tm like man utd fc not sack moyez?

  11. Hats off to Martin Tyler. In the post match interview with David Moyes, the Scottish manager’s eyes were red with rage and anger, but Tyler opened the Q&A with a softball question, which quickly calmed Moyes down. Thank god it wasn’t Geoff Shreeves from Sky Sports asking the post-match questions.

  12. Moyeees!has to go if m.united want to back the summit of english football. He made a team of champions to mid-table strugglers.i have never ever seen a champions that no body is fearing them.i agreed martin tyler “they simly don’t have faith in the manager” yeh because this is the same players that convincingly won 12 points clear last season and no player is left what is happening? I can’t understand. Do they want sir alex to back?even he is watching games in the stand.

  13. I don’t think supporting the team and supporting the manager are the same thing. I think Moyes deserves the rest of the season regardless of what happens.

    He inherited a title winning team that competed evenly with Real Madrid in Champions League.

    His first transfer window was a bust, despite an obvious hole in midfield. He also didn’t unload any players like Ashley Young or Tom Cleverly. Surely he’d seen these guys play.

    It is December, United are in 9th and he has ZERO “signature wins” and quite a few “signature losses”: WBA at home, Everton at home. He also lost his first games against MCFC (badly) and Liverpool. Only in Champions League has he gotten decent results.

    I know people talk about how SAF was allowed time to build a squad, but he had to build a squad. United wasn’t defending Champion when SAF took over.

    I think Moyes deserves to work this next transfer window and the rest of the season. But if his players don’t get him into the top 4 by the end of the season, he needs to go.

    It could just be small sample size so far, but it is very concerning.

  14. With the exception of Fellaini, this is still Ferguson’s team. United have given Moyes an opportunity to put his own stamp on the team. After last night everyone now knows that the team needs major rebuilding rather than incremental changes. The price of restoration might be missing out on champions league qualification the next 2-3 seasons with a real risk of returning to the wilderness of the 70-80s period. The decisions Moyes makes in January and next summer will determines which way it goes.

    1. There’s no way United board will allow him to miss 2-3 seasons of CL qualification.

      First, there will be monetary impacts. Second: you can’t retain and attract players without CL. Success brings more successes, failure brings more failures. High profile players won’t want to go to a club where the manager is deemed a “failure”

  15. Is Manchester United the same team? I think so. Question is, how come no one talks about some kind of parity in the league this year. All you have to do is look at the table and see by the points how generally close things are. I for one am enjoying this year more than ever because of that.

  16. Fans of all clubs turn on their managers far too quickly. It is almost as if the intrinsic nature of the sport and the idea of “small sample size” never collectively occurs to most of them.

  17. I do believe that the fans calling for Moyes out are doing so because they can point to their red rivals to west. Seeing how Liverpool was knocked off their perch brings fear and dread to many United supporters who do not want the same for their team. The thought of United possibly missing out on Champions League football, and the money with it, means that fans become antsy and very quick to react negatively.

    There are many reasons for why United are not doing as well this season including some lack of consistency in personnel as Moyes tinkers with his best 11, lack of true quality in midfield, some key injuries, and there is the fact that the Premier League is getting stronger across the board.

  18. It shld b noted that him substitution like that! If Janzaji is given a chance why not give Zaha a chance of proving his worth . Playing Giggs was not wrong but selection in midfield hw can u put both midfielders who r slow .?

  19. I think United fans have every right to be worry. United are currently 9th place in the league and a shadow of their former selves. It seems like everyone’s answer is “we’ll just buy a bunch of good players in January”. As if Moyes is just going to ring up Iniesta and say “Hey chap, how about you leave sunny first place Barcelona for cold 9th place Manchester United”. Yes, I get that ITS MANCHESTER UNITED!!! But its not magic Fergie’s Manchester United and even if it were for all the reward of likely trophies there is also the risk of a couple bad games and the fans turning on you in a big way. United fans were overjoyed at the Fellaini signing when it happened, and now I bet that guy couldn’t get a reservation at Applebee’s. When you step out of the tunnel at Old Trafford you’re stepping into one of the biggest pressure cookers on earth. Its not for everyone.

    Lets say for argument sake that United finish 6th (an improvement of three places in the current table) and miss out on the Champions League, what does that do to their debt situation? With their account ledger dependent on CL revenue will they have the money to buy the superstar saviors that they’ll need in the summer? Who’s going to want to go to a United team playing in the Europa Cup at best?

    I’d say United fans have every right to be worried about their team’s present and their future. Except that Moyes teams always always always start slow and are an absolute beast by the end of the season. If they stick with him they’ll likely be nearly unbeatable come March or April, but they’ll likely have a lot of ground to make up on the top four by then.

  20. Supporting a team doesn’t mean you have to blindly support the manager. Yes, he could turn out to be good in another year. Or he could bring the team down for the next several years. We don’t have to pretend its not a possibility and hide our worry to be supporters.

    Players get paid to say “I trust in Moyes” in public. Fans don’t have to.

    In fact, we don’t even have to like him. I’ve heard him do nothing but blame players saying they are not good enough. So they were good enough in May, but not in August huh?

    Even if some players are “average” as someone described above, that’s no excuse for losing to teams that are below average. Even average players should have no problem beating newly promoted teams. Clearly there is another problem besides a few average players.

    Supporting your team in bad times doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with draws and losses! Its ok to want better for the team you support. Its ok to want changes whether its players, managers, or tactics. Fans can have opinions and still be fans.

    And just because I trust Ferguson as a game tactician does not mean I trust every decision he makes outside of that. It does seem there was some nepotism, nostalgia, and wishful thinking involved in his choice of fellow Scot Moyes. Rant over.

    1. Not a rant. SAF has made the PL believe that being a scotsman means you are some sort of natural manager talent. They’ve had loads of scottish managers and very few scottish players in the League through recent years.

      Basically the SAF effect.

  21. Pep has walled into Bayern and made big changes, difficult changes but has managed to keep Bayern at the top of the tree. It’s an incredibly difficult job to take over treble winning side & implement a new philosophy & continue to be successful.

    When you look at the two clubs, even add Barca into that mix, new manager, changing philosophy, Barca still top, even with Messi out.

    IMO Moyes is not doing a good job, he is given way to much slack considering what the new managers at the other big European clubs are doing. Then you look at What Martinez has done with Moyes players, the same players bar 3 that Moyes had. Martinez hasn’t just stuck with the way Everton has played under Moyes, he has Successfully changed their playing style…

    Man Utd fans can paint it any way they want, but with 1 new signing & the emphatic backing of the legend leaving, what has he done? What philosophy is he implementing? He has walker into a very stable situation, if he had a clear out & brought in 7 new players as well as new philosophy then all this would be expected…but it’s not.

    They won the league easily & Everton minus 3 players are the same Everton that finished where? 6th…

    Moyes has not won a trophy, zero, nothing, nada, not an FA cup, League Cup, not even the dissed Europa league. Let alone 3 in one season…

    SAF has made a mistake… 14 games in if AVB had Spurs in this league position last season the press would’ve been going ballistic! & that’s Spurs, not league champions!

    Everton & Man Utd fans….Moyes philosophy of football is what?

    1. Everything I’ve said is the truth, so I can see why it’s not popular.

      Those disagreeing obviously can’t articulate a reason why the biggest club in England didn’t get a better manager with a proven winning record.

      They could have right? They’re Man Utd…

      Why is it Man Utd can’t do or expect what Barca, Bayern or Madrid do? Why do Utd have to languish in mid table for a year or so while Moyes adjusts? The clubs I mentioned aren’t doing that! they chose proven winners.

      1. Your posts are always unpopular because you’re a simpleton.

        The two clubs you are trying to compare have more talent everywhere on the pitch. You cannot compare these situations. In both instances those new managers have much more to work with. Moyes may not be the man but you’re comparing apples to oranges.

        1. What are you talking about dick, you should spend less time posting under different names to troll and actually contribute.

          you lack any football intellect…dick

          get an opinion of your own not stolen from another blog.

          As for apple and oranges you are obv clueless, others above have commented on how under SAF they went toe to toe with Madrid under SAF in the Champions league with Madrid needing a dodgy red card at OT and mourinho himself admitting they lost to the better team.

          How is it Martinez can get Everton and Moyes former players playing far far better football than Moyes did?

          Suggesting that Manchester Utd don’t have the equality players that Barca or Bayern or Madrid is ridiculous.

          They aren’t performing under Moyes! That is the difference, as well as the tactics used by Moyes is the difference.

          The common thread in this is MOYES!

          apple and oranges…you are a fool! no go and troll somewhere else

          1. “Suggesting that Manchester Utd don’t have the equality players that Barca or Bayern or Madrid is ridiculous”

            So what players from the current United squad do you would want to see playing for Spurs?

          2. Dust they don’t have the same quality players. As for stealing ideas from other blogs what are you talking about. You sound like an idiot.

          3. Your opinion is a borrowed one, you are an echo chamber for the football illiterate…

            keep thinking Moyes isn’t the problem when the record of SAF with Those same players says YOU are wrong

          4. I never said Moyes was the man for the job. You compared Bayern’s and Barca’s situation with Manchester’s and you cannot do that without considering the difference in quality players. Manchester’s squad does not compare to those two clubs.

          5. You are missing the point of what a good manager can do…

            The Same Players should’ve beat RM in Madrid & certainly were on top in OT…the SAME players.

            Pep came in with the same players & changed the philosophy and still they sit top…because Pep is a great manager. Utd have made a massive mistake not getting in pep or Klopp or Mourinho, they are proven great managers…

            Why should the biggest club in England settle…it makes no sense.

            Squad comparisons are not the point, how those players are performing does. Why is that so hard for you to grasp…Everyone is accepting a “season of adjustment” my point is white the right coach there isn’t a need for one.

          6. Believe me when I tell you there is nothing you post that is difficult to grasp. You made a comparison and now you’re back pedaling. Sure a good manager can get the best out of a squad however comparing Pep’s situation and the players he inherited to the Moyes situation is a lame argument. What SAF did with this club last year wasn’t going to happen again. He retired at the right time.

            Moyes may not be the man for the job however as I’ve said all along your initial argument/comparison was ridiculous.

  22. The two clubs you mentioned have more quality all across the pitch. Your comparison is as ridiculous as your blind allegiance to Spurs. You truly know very little.

  23. first of all i wil say dat our sir alex puts man utd in dis big mess em alex should hav inform d team earlier dat he is retirin dat he time has reached d pinicle dat i wil not b able anymore den h should hav ask a question which manager should u luv 2 manage man utd den d fans wil den send comments and responds. On my own suggestion i blame alex all d time bcos dere was a time dat guardiuola former fcbarca had no team 2 manage den alex should told him 2 come old trafford. At least guardiuola has gotten honours e.g champion league, la liga and manymore honest speakin alex should hav slut dis man but neva d less united 4 stand forever.

  24. Pls moyes we sir no that you are the man for the job thats why he choose you,but you are making wrong changes,pls stop playing kagawa on left play him No10 look at his performace in our last champions league at No10 pls play him there that where he play at his formal Club,and pls for god sake stop playing wellbeck,play chicharito,pls go througt imformation ferguson use since Cr7 leave an we win league an we reach final champions league an bacelona win us with this information we just need a back an fabio an Buttner too is their on bench an now we have Fallaini that Alex need before he quit,so pls go an check it,pls moyes an Giggs is old pls kagawa an chicharito an Rooney an RvP is our wining players pls play them moyes i which you good luck up United we Stand up Moyes up My club

      1. Nani is so underrated as is Evra why Zaha is left out in the wilderness is bizarre…

        I’d probably add Raphael to that list, he is a very good right back.

        1. Rafael is overrated! He is ok but just as ok as Ashley Young is ok. He isn’t even one of the best right-backs in the league let alone the world…if he’s that good by now he would be a regular in the Brazil squad…HE ISN’T
          You’d think he was Cafu or Alves by some fans’ fanboism for him

        2. Nani isn’t underrated, every man and his dog knows how supremely talented he is…it’s his consistency which is a problem…

          1. yeah, his really consistent at poor performances, flattering to deceive, self indulgence, turing it on once every now and again just to keep his job and hardly ever scoring. Oh yeah, some great dives too, oh yeah, and he got us knocked out of the CL with Madrid with that stupid high kick everyone knows refs in Europe are girls about that. It’s all about Nani with Nani, which is only ok if he delivered the goods, but he doesn’t and he’s been here way too long. He would be excellent for a Everton, Newc,Villa…thats him to a tee. Thats a lot of our players actually. Just Fergie was a genius who could win with mediocrity just by his presence,Moyes won’t get that in 1 season. It’s only just dawning on Moyes how average some of our players are and that Fergie really is a genius.
            It’ll come. BIG CLEAN OUT IN SUMMER. Forget this season. Europeans haven’t worked out how crapour midfield is so we may have joy there, unlike the Premiership who see the blood,small the blood and are having a party (they know it won’t last, they are just enjoying it for now).Go to OT and win. Next summer its over, Moyes WILL stay and mediocrity WILL be offloaded. Owners get your hands in your pockets :-) Big time!

    1. RVP was a good buy for Ferguson to retire on a high note. Not so much for United long term. But definitely would improve any team if (and this is a big if) he is fit.

      Rooney is world class but has on the field and fitness issues. Probably has 2-3 good years left in him.

      Nani is inconsistent and probably hit his ceiling. Definitely not Barca or Bayern material. Could be good for Spurs though.

      Evra is past his prime and rapidly aging. Big defensive liability. Not good even for Spurs not to mention top clubs.

      Chicarito is very situational. Good for Spurs because of their dire striker situation. Not a Barca or Bayern material.

      Zaha cannot break into United first team because off the field issues. Unproven quality and therefore very risky investment.

      Carrick used to be world class but injury prone and past his prime.

      1. And Rafael is a liability. Doesn’t use his brain, is too easy to wind up and gets himself sent off and caught out of position far too often. Bilbao last year at OT, Olympics final, David Luiz last season, Reading away last season then Fergie hauled him off lol. Overrated full-back and not one of Brazils’ best. He’s been at United for over FIVE years and has amassed over a century of appearances and still isn’t one of the best in the world. OVERRATED

  25. United are not Chelsea that they can afford to change managers if things are going wrong after a few months of a new manager’s tenure. United fans need to be realistic and accept that the squad Moyes inherited isn’t that good. Yes, they won the title last season but most neutrals couldn’t believe that United, with the squad they had, actually won it. It had probably more to do with City being disinterested and Chelsea in another new manager phase.

    Every new manager needs time to assess the talent he has, and that takes time, before making big changes. United were never going to spend big money in the summer because Moyes wasn’t sure of which players would make it in his system and which won’t. I expect United to sell some players in January and buy some, except that it’s usually not that easy to make deals in January. Next summer is when major changes will occur.

    Till then, United fans can either have patience or start acting like they are Chelsea.

    1. Glory Hunters is a stupid term trotted out by idiots. EVERY club seeks “GLORY”. Football is the highest form of art (Cantona), if you are not seeking “Glory” then what are you seeking from the beautiful game. The pain, the joy, the heartbreak, the elation, the art is all the pursuit of Glory. I think Aristotle or Indiana Jones said “Fortune & Glory kid, fortune and glory”…which is it boy? You get the fortune from getting the glory. What club do you support? I suppose you seek the opposite of glory? Thats OBSCURITY idiot, OBSCURITY. You run along now and be a “Obscurity Hunter”, we’ll stick to the Glory. GGMU Forever wherever whenever. BTW saw us relegated in the 70’s, Liverpool won everything, UNITED were STILL the most supported club in the World, best attendances (in relegation!)…why kid? why? why not the scousers? why does a side have the most support whether they are 1970 relegated or Prem Champs decades later? Jealous, hateful scum, people who hate something more than they love something are LOSERS, and SELF CONFESSED opposite of glory hunters, you little little wee “obscurity hunter” you :-)

  26. Just read an article saying RVP has put on a transfer request…

    Feel free to join in whenever….


    Thhhheeeee…wheels at Man Utd are falling off…falling off….falling off….
    The wheels at Man Utd are falling off…
    Thanksss Daaaaavidddd Moyyyesssssss!!!

    1. For those of us who saw United relegated in the 70’s this transition period is no biggie, we are not going away, and it will just make it sweeter, as all the miserable loser “obscurity hunters” (opposite of glory) just think its “safe to go back in the water”, we’ll be back killing all in our way again.
      We always had the best support when we were a cup side, now we have billions, can print our own money (debt is no issue when you can print your own money, ask USA,UK, Japan) it won’t end, just a blip haters, enjoy it while it lasts, ‘cos we WILL get back up.

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