West Ham’s Sam Allardyce Decries Andre Villas-Boas’s “Immaturity”

West Ham Manager Sam Allardyce has told talkSport that he felt Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas acted “immaturely” in his post match comments toward reporter Neil Ashton of The Daily Mail newspaper.

Allardyce said:

“You have to use the criticism as a motivational drive to show these people that they are wrong. You’ve got to take it on the chin.”

“You, and your players, have got to do your talking on the field. I think he’s just showed a little bit of immaturity. It can get under your skin, but you’ve can’t let that happen because you’re not going to win.”

In his post-match press conference after yesterday’s 2-2 draw with Manchester United, Villas-Boas spent lashed out at both Ashton and fellow Daily Mail reporter Martin Samuel regarding their criticism of his management at Tottenham Hotspur.

Yesterday, Ashton shared his perspective on the story in a column in the newspaper he writes for.

Did Villas-Boas overstep his boundaries, or was he quite right in lashing out at the reporter during the press conference? Give us your opinion in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, here’s the clip from the press conference (fast forward to minute 2:00):

15 thoughts on “West Ham’s Sam Allardyce Decries Andre Villas-Boas’s “Immaturity””

  1. If there is a personal attack, as was the case from the comic writers found in the Mail then AVB should be allowed to defend himself and not follow the route dictated by the establishment. There is nothing immature about that.
    The corporate media and the second raters that work for them must also be responsible for their actions.

  2. AVB can defend himself, but he can also expect the press to run with anything he says in rebuttal. He should have known better than to address members of the media. When he was asked about what was written in the newspapers he should have said, “I don’t read what’s written about me or other managers” and moved on. He then should’ve quietly pulled a “Fergie” and had them [The Daily Mail] banned from his press conferences if he was that upset.

    He just brought more attention on himself and now certain members of the press are going to keep picking at him to see if they can get a response.

    I don’t know if it can be considered “immaturity”, but he let his guard down.

  3. AVB should never have called out Ashton and Samuel.if he would have stuck with media i think it would be better for him.now Ashton and Samuel know they hit a nerve and they won’t stop.i don’t condone what the media does but the Gaffers in the EPL know it is no hands barred.your side based in London spent 109 million and can’t score you better have a tough hide.

  4. AVB can say whatever he pleases, but I think he should stop digging that particular hole as it leads nowhere good for him or his team.

    I understand Sam’s use of “immaturity”, but think it’s more a lack of understanding of cause and effect or action and reaction whenever AVB opens his mouth. All the synapses don’t seem to connect.

    On the other hand, he does often put you in mind of a petulant child…..

  5. Perhaps Sam should focus on his own club & not concern himself with AVB…it seems childish & immature to me for Sam to be commenting on another manager.

    Even the “immature” AVB refused to comment on other managers. When asked in the same presser.

    1. Perhaps, AVB should hire your as PR person to speak with the media. You seem to be better at diffusing the criticism.

      Perhaps, AVB should focus more on how his team is performing and less on his persona. He was hired to be a leader for the young Spurs team not a crying wonker.

      Perhaps, Spurs board should take a hint from AVB meltdown at Chelsea. After Chelsea gave him the boot the team responded and went on to win CL.

      1. Are you are Ashton in disguise?

        You should listen, absorb and then react to what AVB says, instead of applying an apparent prejudice against him.

        If you did, you wouldn’t have written the last two paragraphs.

        1. Dust’s blind allegiance prevents him from posting anything intelligent or reasonable when it comes to Spurs. Not that I’ve found any of his other posts enlightening either.

        2. Unfortunately, no amount of time spent ‘listening, absorbing and then reacting to what AVB says’ would negate one simple fact. After they got liberated from AVB’s innovative leadership the Chelsea team that had been rapidly disintegrating rallied around new manager and went on remarkable run to win CL against all odds and skeptics like you.

          Accomplishments on the field speak louder than any words I’m afraid. That is exactly Big Sam’s point.

  6. avb showed immaturity and behaved like child.that shows he lacks experience to deal in a situation like this.he is only been a manager for four yrs.i personaly read the articale yes there is a criticism”read ignore it”that is probarly what experienced manager should have done it.if he is continues like that he will lost his job. Avb be mature.

  7. He could be taking a page out of Mourinho’s book and deflecting pressure away from his under-performing players and onto himself.

  8. AVB is a bit immature. By reading his own press and then arguing in public illustrates he isn’t confident in his position or his own abilities. We began to see early signs of this when he was way too defensive about the Lloris concussion incident. All this serves to unsettle the players, which is exactly what happened at Chelsea. It also ensures he’s now fair game for the press and is walking around with a bulls eye on his back. Start an argument with the press and it never ends. I would imagine Levy and co will have a few quiet words with him.
    Look if you’re a manager or a player you’re going to have to put up with a lot of stick. It comes with the territory. One thing West Ham players can respect about Big Sam is, he will not react to any needle from the press (and they get plenty). I’m not so sure all the Spurs players can look at AVB and have that same type of respect.

    Sadly it’s a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy for AVB.

  9. Uh oh Sam…not doing the post game interview after the palace loss wasn’t “taking it on the chin” was it? Good to see Sam letting his players doing the”talking on the field”…..not doing post game seems very “immature…”

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