Tottenham Manager Andre Villas-Boas Lashes Out at Reporter During Press Conference [VIDEO]

Andre Villas Boas went crazy lashed out during today’s press conference after Spurs 2-2 draw with Manchester United. Watch as he singles out a reporter (Neil Ashton of the Daily Mail, as well as Martin Samuel of the same paper) for criticism at about the two minute mark of this video. Whether Ashton’s reports some of which have seemingly been over the top earned him this critique from AVB is up for debate. Still it was most interesting to see AVB single him out. After about minute four the presser gets testy with other reporters as well.

As well as his duties writing for The Daily Mail newspaper, Ashton works as a correspondent for NBCSN where he provides live reports via a video link-up every weekend.

8 thoughts on “Tottenham Manager Andre Villas-Boas Lashes Out at Reporter During Press Conference [VIDEO]”

  1. “Went Crazy” how is that then? What press conf were you watching?

    I watched the press conference where AVB called out Neil Ashton & Martin Samual for both writing articles that attacked what he did at Porto & stating the team was rebelling…both things served no purpose than attacking AVB, neither article offered any evidence to back any if it up. AVB address the Ashton & called him out…did he storm out of the press conference like Jose? Or SAF of ban a reporter like SAF? was he “crazy”?

    Such a lazy weak position to take…

    Anyone watching the video wouldn’t say he went “crazy” but sensationalizing works as well here as it does for Adrian Durham…

    Ashton is a gossip monger with zero football credentials and to say anyone could have gone undefeated & won 3 trophies at Porto because of Falcao & hulk is ridiculous!

    For a straighter non sensationalist read click here & read Marcotti

  2. the rubber bands are getting a little tight.when you lash out it just adds fuel to the fire and shows the media is getting to you.i am not saying that the media tactics are fair or right but you know it when you take the AVB nut up and grow some thick skin.

  3. Still waiting to see him go crazy – still waiting to see him lash out. AVB is hacked off by useless lazy so called journalists who will say anything to get people to read the garbage they write. The Mail reporter distorted his comment about being ashamed to make it sound like an attack on the players He is entitled to express that which he did in a dignified if somewhat weary style. you say he went crazy – that’s juat more pathetic, distortive, lazy, incompetent writing. Don’t give up your day job -if you don’t have one I suggest you get one quick.

    1. Why are these two comments getting thumbed down? They both point out the inescapable fact that AVB remained quite calm in this press conference despite being labeled as going crazy. Watch the video and it’s quite clear that he remains level headed and rational.

      1. The “went crazy” description is inappropriate, so I’ve struck that. “Lashed out” is a more accurate description.

  4. Ashton’s point is valid. Winning the title in Portugal is easy. Maybe AVB’s next job should be in Scotland. He would do great up there. His stint at Tottenham is going the same way as Chelsea. First lose the dressing room, then lose the plot. Soldado looks lost up front. Lemela nowhere to be seen. Levy looks very twitchy in the directors box.

    1. Porto finished 3rd the previous season…under AVB they went UNDEFEATED…He didn’t just win the league, they did not loose a game all season winning EVERY competition they were in.

      Something not done before…

      Seriously…undefeated…all season not just the league.That is an amazing accomplishment. Mourinho didn’t go undefeated at Porto.

      CFC experience really knocked him for 6…

      “Winning the league in Portugal is easy” surely you are on a wind up. It has the same dynamic as La Liga, Ligue Un and the Bundesliga with only 2 teams in contention for the title the last 5 or 6 years.

      The Portuguese league also has a plethora of talent that get developed there….So wrong to compare it to Scotland.

      The Scottish league is more like league 1 in England…something Millwall will know all about again next season 😉

  5. I don’t see any ‘lashing out’ and I don’t see a ‘rant’. Merely stating the facts that Daily Mail journalists are low-life, parasitic vermin is surely an accurate observation.

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