Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 13: Open Thread

We’ve got four matches today in the Premier League involving six sides in the top 8. A win for any of those 6 teams will certainly do them a huge favor — Liverpool and Chelsea can both narrow the gap behind Arsenal to 4 points. Manchester United could leapfrog into fifth place. With a win today, Manchester City could move into second. And the same can be said for Southampton.

The implications of today’s results could make a significant difference to each club’s run of form as we enter December, as matches come at a furious pace (with a full list of EPL fixtures scheduled over Tuesday and Wednesday this week, just as one example).

Today’s matches that will be shown live on US television and Internet are (Eastern Time):

Sunday, December 1:

Tottenham vs Man United, 7am, NBC Sports Network
Hull vs Liverpool, 9am, NBC Sports Network
Chelsea vs Southampton, 11am, NBC Sports Network
Man City vs Swansea, 11am, Premier League Extra Time
Match of the Day 2, 11pm, NBC Sports Network

Before, during or after today’s matches, join the conversation with fellow soccer fans in the comments section below.

66 thoughts on “Premier League Sunday, Gameweek 13: Open Thread”

  1. I’ve been giving Arlo White a solid chance, but he is really in love with the sound of his own voice. His a bit too descriptive during the match. Also seems like he’s making everything sound more dramatic than it is.

    He needs to understand that sometimes less is more. Let the match speak for itself and trust that the viewers understand the importance of the moment.

    With that said, he’s more listenable than commentators on that “other” network.

    1. I don’t have much feeling either way about Arlo but I don’t think it’s right to have Tim Howard announcing a game.

  2. Totally agree Peter… Arlo needs to let the game breathe… But him and the needless Tim Howard just drove me to the Sky Sports stream… Shame NBC was doing so well…..


      1. Sir Ian on the call… Can’t beat this commentary… Sorry not going for the “it could be Gus” argument.. NBC needs to up their game… Arlo was poor


      2. Super impressed with the analysis from BT Sport at halftime…maybe steaming should be the norm!

        Good to see Macca back.. Hargreaves was pretty good as we’ll


    1. Really like Tim. Doing much better job than I ever expected a current player can do switching roles getting behind the microphone.

      As to Arlo. He is class! Perfect for the American viewer. We need more information about the game and he gives it to us. No disrespect for Ian Darke but in comparison Ian was forcing it a bit style wise. He knew we needed more description of events but was forcing his style a bit. He is a legend btw he just has a different call working so long for UK audiences.

      Arlo gets what he needs out in a much more free flowing manner. Now I am not talking about the game call per say but the info about the teams and stadiums and league etc that is hard for the average American viewer to pick up or know for living in the UK. Still NBC must want a bit more talk for the new viewers that they will attract who do not know the game as well.

      Finally Arlo is a BEARS fan!

      1. They had too much diarriia of the mouth for my liking… Just talk about what’s going on on the pitch

        On the other hand Sir Ian and Michael Owen are a great pairing… Very good chemistry


    1. Ashley Young would have approved of that Welbeck dive.

      Loved the look on Levy’s face after the Sandro screamer. He seemed disappointed. Maybe he had to hang up on AVB’s replacement.

  3. Haha just caught Howard’s commentary on my IPad saying he knew what side Rooneys penalty was going.. Then it’s RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE.. Please NBC.. Stop your “experiment”


  4. I’ll be the token Arsenal fan, who is enjoying this game but rooting for the draw. It’s been fantastic action. Spurs are playing well, it seems both MU goals were against the ascendency. I have not learned which team Im supposed to hate more. Without being there, I’ll never understand the hatred between supporters.

  5. Why would people, mostly in America, have a problem with this? NBC wants to do their part to attract new viewers. Allot of people get exposed to the sport out curiosity of American participation before they learn to like the game on its on merit.

    1. I don’t have a problem with Howard, just not impressed with his commentary.

      btw, anyone tuning in because Howard is commenting would already be a fan, n’est pas?

  6. Comment was regarding Howard BTW. He had no choice but to be vanilla. We don’t like those that stir of nothing just to move their lips.

  7. If you’re going to have Howard commentating because he worked under Moyes then fine. But then let him give us some insight into Moyes and his ways. Nothing from Howard. Too bad.

  8. No Hart again for City.

    Pantilimon, Zabaleta, Lescott, Demichelis, Clichy, Fernandinho, Yaya Toure (C), Navas, Nasri, Negredo, Aguero

  9. Mata starts for Chelsea.

    Southampton starters: Boruc, Clyne, Fonte, Lovren, Shaw, Wanyama, Schneiderlin, Ward-Prowse, Lallana (c), Rodriguez, Osvaldo.

    Chelsea starters: Cech; Ivanovic, Cahill, Terry (c), Azpilicueta; Essien, Ramires; Mata, Oscar, Hazard; Torres

  10. Espanyol never scored against Real Madrid when Pochettino and Mourinho were managers. That’s over 360 minutes without a goal.

    It took Southampton 14 secs to score against Chelsea.

    What a difference a league makes.

  11. Once again Cox is not showing the Extra Time game between Manchester City and Swansea. Frustrated! Looks like what someone reported yesterday that Cox did not renew their Extra Time channels must be true. The channel guide still says they should have the game on. I’m going to have to switch to ATT Uverse and hopefully they are still carrying the Extra Time channels.

    1. James, I am also with Cox. Yesterday ‘s games finally came on the 4 Live Extra channels with about 10 minutes left, so I doubt it is a contractual issue. There were Dish & Directv subscribers that reported the same issue. I did not get the Mancity game either this morning. I hope it gets sorted before Wednesday.

      1. Uverse is good for the most part. You don’t have to use the Internet because if you have the package, then every game is live. Channell like ALT1652 will no programming except for an EPL match on weekend mornings.

        Uverse also has English & Spanish beIN so you get the best of Italy, Spain and France. Watching Gervino play for Roma and actually use his pace to good chances. The booing he got at Emmirates eroded any confidence he had. Roma fans gave it back to him.

        My only complaint with Uverse is that two weeks after install, Gol TV is still listed but the feed is dead. I called and they said they are renegotiating with GOL TV.

  12. Yeesh – Swansea looks the better side other than on the scoreline. Too much space between midfield and back line. Getting exploited.

    Get well soon Vinny.

  13. Man Utd were lucky to get the point…the pen was harsh, replay looked like a dive to me…add that its welbeck it’s almost certain a dive.

    Sandro…wow..should’ve been the winner.

    Great to see Defoe come on again and contribute nothing except arm flailing for 20 minutes.

    Rooney is single handedly keeping Moyes & Utd out of the bottom half.

    So, if AVB is as clueless as certain media and people posted on here state, then what does that make Moyes? UTD were chasing the game & needed the penalty to get a point, I that was Spurs needing a pen for a point then there’d be uproar.

    Loved AVB post game presser…Neil Ashton is a muppet, the fact he ghost wrote redflapps recent book of lies just adds to his resume of gossip mongering…with the England captain calling BS on its contents.

    AVB is calling out Ashton & Samual & quite rightly so…it’s no coincidence they’re employed by the daily mail as are Holte & Durham…same paper same agenda.

    NBC should find someone else to contribute, a journo or pundit with knowledge of the game not a gossip monger.

    Sugar being told to STFU ppl seem to forget he said his time at spurs was a waste of his life… Lord Sugar is a melt!

    Also regarding NBC covering the presser…how can Robbie Earle say AVB is wrong about an agenda by Ashton, that it’s not personal & then immediately critique AVB for wearing a blue bracelet as a BPL manager. How is judging AVB for wearing a blue bracelet not making it personal? What does jewelry matter? Where was his comments on Pelligrini’s hair? Surely having hair like that as a BPL manager is just wrong? Cutting your own hair as a manager of a BPL team is disgraceful!

    What…no…it’s ridiculous & irrelevant to even mention appearance you say…oh ok, I guess AVB is just paranoid…(sarcasm) about it all.

    Anyways…a far better performance, Fulham next, only 5 points from second with 6 points up for grabs in the next 7 days…

    #WeIsUs #AvBelieve #AshtonOut


  14. I can say jon champion and david pleat’s commentry were awfull today there was a large period of the game were both of them quite,champion is great commentator but today certainly he was below bar, i would have liked this game to be called peter drury but he called the spurs game along clive allen.champion is perfect when he is sitting along side jim beglin but today he didn’t add the game any thing.

  15. Southampton’s Osvaldo is definitely challenging Tottenham’s Soldado for the most hilarious amount of money paid for a average player masquerading as a striker award.

    Osvaldo is just plan useless and tries to cover it up by tripping the opposition, and Soldado must watch too much Aussie TV because he’s always gone on walkabout.

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